An Artsy Protest

An Artsy Protest

“Gai humari mata hain”

Yes, this is what you might have heard all your life and the statement’s pitch has enhanced more than ever in the last two years. Sujatro Ghosh, a young 23-year-old photographer from the City of Joy, Kolkata took the statement and made it even better –

“Gai humari beti aur behen bhi hain”

The photographer has started a unique photo series where he clicks women in different parts of India wearing cow masks. In a Feminstaa exclusive, Sujatro talked about women safety in the country, himself, and his vision.

More love for cows than women

“I feel sad. In my country, for incidents such as Nirbhaya, people waited long for the verdict. Whereas, for cows, people are ready to slaughter.”

Sujatro made it clear through his photo series that if cows are mothers, then so are women. The young and already popular photographer strongly believes that Indian laws lack implementation. His project, which has already received attention from worldwide media has been depicted from the perspective of a woman.

The photographer was mocked at many instances when he was clicking women in the busy streets of delhi, but that, of course, didn’t stop him to do his job.

Immediate Reactions after Photo series

Sujatro is just 23 and has already become a nationwide sensation for his photo series. The Kolkata boy is already overwhelmed with all the positive response he has received. All this gives him the drive to work even more rigorously on such issues. He has been approached by women from all over the country to get photographed.

“This project isn’t only about art, it’s about the women I collaborated with. Any work that is a success is collaborative”

He also hinted that in the future he might even collaborate with leading fashion designers to make the photo series a trend.

“As a protest, it’s all in the form of collaboration. There is no point in fighting physically with extremists”

His City Taught Him Well

“I’ve learned how to accept things, the way they are. It is such a liberal city, in a way, I don’t see the difference between religions”

When it came to talking about his city, Sujatro said that Kolkata defines him as a person. He was brought up there in the most liberal environment. The city has played a great role in moulding his liberal personality.

Power lies in Pure Love

The young achiever has tremendous belief in love. Being in a steady relationship for the past 4 years, Sujatro considers love to be the most powerful thing in the world. We at Feministaa do hope that Sujatro can come up with more such thought provoking photo series.


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