Alex Mathew aka Maya the Drag Queen on Feminism, Inclusivity, Pride and Drag in India

“Women’s rights and LGBTQI+ rights go hand in hand. We have similar journeys.” 

Alex Mathew aka Maya the Drag Queen is the pride of LGBTQI+ community in India. Drag as an art form was believed to be a western concept introduced to India, however Alex elucidates that our cultural history has boasted of this rich art form for centuries. In early ages when women were not allowed to perform on stage, men used to dress up as women to indulge in this performing art.

The conformative nature of the society shackles people into categories which is detrimental to their personal growth. Alex believes that cohesive sex education will enlighten and empower people to make this world a more inclusive place for all.

Drawing inspiration from his mother whom he deems a “superwoman”, Alex says “She has taught me how to be strong and how to navigate away from negativity. She has taught me how to be silent. In this time, there is so much noise that our noise would either hurt us or hurt somebody else. So my mother has taught me how to navigate through all of that by being just silent. Being silent is the most powerful thing you can do.”

Watch the video to learn more about the landscape of Drag in India!


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