Exploring the Human Side of Debt with Aparna Ramachandra

“There is never a situation in life where you don’t have an option. You always have a choice.”

Aparna Ramachandra is a woman of resolute, numbers and finance. She is a successful female entrepreneur in finance who has challenged all the stereotypes of women and money. Being the Founder and Director of Rectify Credit, a company that helps people in building their credit score, she talks about the human side of debt that often gets lost in the cold and harsh business of money that promotes minimal human contact.

“We need not be damsels in distress.”

Aparna says women don’t have to depend on men and external factors to rescue them when it comes to money. She emphasises when women can multitask better than any human and save money using innovative techniques long before banks and mutual funds existed then they are anything but damsel in distress.

Watch the video to find out what more this superwoman in finance has to say about moratorium and managing credit during the pandemic.

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