Being A Woman, She Gets Punished With Rape. Being A Dalit, She Gets Punished TWICE.

16 December 2012, A girl in Delhi gets raped, beaten, left to die on the streets, taken to a hospital, Media covers, protests arise, laws made, laws broken, She DIES! 3 years later, one of the convicts, the RAPIST, gets released because legally, he is younger to be raping someone and a heated discussion on the revision of juvenile justice act starts to take place in the country.

2013, A girl is raped again, this time in Rohtak, Haryana. She files a case, all the rapists get arrested. Justice Provided?

The girl is a DALIT, while among the five rapists, three of them belong to upper caste while the other two are dalit.

18 JULY 2016, the same girl gets raped AGAIN, by the SAME five accused. Police is supposedly waiting for the forensic reports to come out in order to know if the rape has happened again or not, and by the same five men, or not.

What is the real cause of the problem here? These five rapists threatened the girl and her family to withdraw the case against them, but they did not. The outcome, they raped her again.

RAPE, has just become a four letter word which is now used to set up protests and blame the government and the laws and then repeat it again when another rape case happened.

The problem is that the one who has been raped feels the need to hide not the one who has raped.

The laws do not provide enough faith to the victim so as to fight back the rapists instead, these laws are the ones who motivate potential rapists and trust me they have full faith in the judiciary that within months or if some protests happen, within years, they shall be released and the case shut.

Most of the rape cases go unnoticed. Again because the one who has got raped feels shameful, disgusted and failed.

Now, in this case, why is it even important to know what caste does the girl belongs to and what caste does all the accused belong to. Does the one belonging to the lower caste is denied justice? Dalit women being lowest in the social structure of our society gets little or no attention from the lawmakers and politicians.

The answer is YES. No matter how many policies or how many reservations are made for the development of the lower caste system, the mindset of the people here remains the major issue, and which does not seem to be changing at all.


IS RAPE JUST A WORD FOR US? Why do we wait for rapes to happen and then arise and protest and demand the laws to be made?

Every time a Rape happens, reality slaps us and tells us what is actually wrong with us!

No, we are not developing. We might be growing in various aspects, but we are failing as a country.

We doubt whether justice will be served or not. And sadly in many cases, it is denied!

We question why do we need feminism, and then protest when a rape happens.

What are we really turning into? Till when will rapists roam free while the victim hides.

Questions are too many, answers none!

So it’s high time we stand up together before waiting for another NIRBHAYA to happen.

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