Being an Influencer is all about Striking the Right Connection | Mitali Sagar | House Of MISU

“We take a lot of inspiration from the places we travel to, the people we meet and the beautiful textiles and colors and smells we run into.”

When Mitali Sagar started the digital marketing platform, House of Misu with her best friend  Summiyya, they toured into multiple platforms, from fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, to technology.

“I got to, sort of, put my finger into all kinds of things because through PR you experience brands from different industries.”

When they started House of Misu, they didn’t know exactly what it would be but it was the House of Summiyya and Mitali. They began with designing clothes and digital marketing and things just clicked.

“Sometimes it’s just divine intervention and we ended up where we ended up.”

7-8 years down the line, today they have a team of 7-8 years and are focused on brand-building.

“The goal is House of Misu will outlast even Summiyya and I. That’s us in a nutshell.”

The nature of their work has taken them all over the world, as Mitali laughs, talking about it will take the entire day! She says that they have been from Paris to Israel, to the South of France, Maldives, Copenhagen, Spain, London and a lot of places within the country including Pushkar, Jaipur to name a few.

“I have done everything from Tel Aviv Fashion Week, which was crazy and different, to shooting in absurd locations, meeting incredible people.”

Calling their adventures varied and vast, Mitali laughs when she says she might as well write a book about it!

She mentions the context of designers taking inspiration from varied cultures and traditions that they come in contact with while traveling. For them, whether it is co-creating collections with designers and designing jewellery, fashion, home, linen, or even styling, travel has had the same impact.

However, as influencers marketing things, they are very particular about their brands.

“But from our point of view, we’ll only ever work with brands we believe in.”

She says how they personally use all the products they endorse and do not believe in just doing paid work. And that has helped them curate a very trusting audience who they feel a familiarity with. They make themselves available and make it a point to stay connected through social media constantly.

The message that they send out to their followers is clear: “This is something which has worked for me, but you are a different person.” She says that they are all about sharing their own experiences and striking a chord.


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