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4 Handpicked Fashion Bloggers Talk to Feministaa About their Journey

Handpicked Fashion Bloggers Talk to Feministaa About their Journey

Blogging might seem like a piece of cake for the new generation kids, but its not as easy as it looks like. It requires time, effort, persistence and analysis. One needs to know what the audience likes and then analyse the data according to their likes and dislikes. There are too many bloggers in the market, but there are only a few who have their own unique approach and which makes them worth the follow. Feministaa handpicked some of the best ones and asked them about their journey to the top.

Feministaa asked them about their inspiration, their set of struggles and a valuable piece of advice which they would want to give to the new generation bloggers.

Here are some of our Favourite Bloggers you need to follow right now!!

DESI WONDER WOMAN By Shehzeen Rehman

My name is Shehzeen Rehman and I write The Desi Wonder Woman blog. I’m of Pakistani origin and currently live in Dubai with one person who likes to call himself my husband (I’ve tried to stop him but he keeps showing me some legal document with our signatures…). I do style, food, beauty, travel, decor and conversation for the regular girl. I’m not an expert at anything (except perhaps bad jokes) and only share content that I truly, truly love myself. I love writing about stuff that can be your 5 minute timeout everyday from work, school, nasty boss, general life so whenever you need a break, grab your choice of caffeine and come to the blog – I’ll have something for you.

Desi Wonder woman is inspired by the Kindness of spirit, an ambition for life and freedom of mind. I live my life on a super high dose of these ideals. And, perhaps, a serious love for carbs too.

I see all professions as art; there’s a system and rhythm to creating and delivering anything – be it a bartender or a musician. Blogging, as a profession, will be like every other job – not everyone can do everything. However, this is one of the few jobs that can have an element of strong personal expression to it, so if it feels like a passion for you, sure, give it a shot. Will it be self-sustaining? Not necessarily. For myself, I feel it’s a combination for talent and hard work. Talent allows me to be good at it, hard work allows me to get my essentials on it (read: cheeseburgers). There are some aspects of it that you can learn for sure, just like with any other career, but having a holistic understanding of its demands may not be for everyone.

I’m an ambitious individual but not an ambitious business blogger. I don’t have set targets or numbers that I work towards. My struggle therefore is different from someone who has a business strategy behind their blog. I aspire to have authentic content out there that may not be viral or a cash cow, but that can make a difference to at least one individual – and that at times could even be myself. What I struggle with is therefore neutralizing a commercial partnership to make it about the reader and not just the brand. Most brands naturally want a piece to be only about the product, it makes business sense. But I truly feel humanizing it and making it feel like an experience is what eventually makes a sale. And that’s what I aspire for. And then, of course, creating something that I would always, always love to read myself.


I think for any blogger, the constant source of inspiration is the feedback you receive from your readers. All the Instagram comments, the blog discussions, the emails- the fact that you can impact the way someone thinks is very inspiring.

I do think not everyone can become a blogger. You have to be really passionate to thrive in this industry. It may look like its glamorous but its hard, hard work with very little reward , so unless you are completely driven and passionate, you will fizzle out. Its also important to understand why people come to your blog and carve a niche for yourself which is difficult sometimes.

We are still coming to terms with being taken seriously by brands at the moment. While its changing fast, most people view bloggers as people who give free press- and that’s one thing I would tell newbie bloggers- value your traffic and don’t dole out freebies . Apart from that, I would say figure out a niche for yourself – something you do that’s better than everyone else. It could be something small like fantastic pictures, or your personal stories, or amazing writing but have a niche and hone that.


I’m extremely focused & I only concentrate & give priority to my work. Rest of the things don’t bother me. The key is to remain rooted at all points.

Well, anyone & everyone can start a blog as a hobby or a past time activity but today, Blogging in India is more like a career of its own & in any field you need to have knowledge & correct tools to succeed.

Well, I’d just say be yourself. Don’t imitate or try to be someone else as it is a total waste of your own talent & abilities. Stay focused & be open to learning new things with every passing day!

THE GIRL AT FIRST AVENUE By Chandana Munipalle

Being true to who I am as an individual, as an artist, and as a creative is of utmost importance to me. And that is something that I can never compromise on. Because pretending to be something that I am not, is not only a waste of precious time and talent, but it is also something that I cannot live with on a daily basis. I also take a lot of inspiration from self-made people from various fields. Everyday’s a new opportunity to become a better version of yourself, to try something new, explore your vision and push your creative boundaries. And I think that’s what inspires me the most to be who I am!

Everybody is unique. And you need to capitalize on your uniqueness.

Yes blogging is an art. And you need to be an artist for that. But there is no “correct path” to becoming a real artist. You are an artist when you say you are. And you’re a good artist when you make somebody else experience or feel something deep or unexpected.

And that could be through blogging, writing, painting, dance, singing.. anything! There’s enough space on the internet for all kinds of artists and audience for each as well. So anyone can become a blogger.

If you are a full time blogger who is pursuing blogging as a business, then you have all the struggles that come with starting a creative business. Having something different and unique to provide to your readers, yet be relatable. Being an editor, writer, stylist, director, marketer, social media maverick, PR, accountant and more.. all rolled into one.

And in today’s digital world where, what is trending today is history tomorrow, you need to develop the ability to be creative on demand.If you are new blogger, and if you are really passionate about it, keep working hard, have a unique vouch and don’t expect success to happen over night.

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