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Most Inspiring Mother-Daughter Duo’s in India - Feministaa

“Like Mother, Like Daughter”

Five mothers, five daughters—all of them are remarkably talented, highly ambitious and supremely successful!

We are all used to hearing “fathers and sons” running the business together. We may even come across instances where fathers let their daughters take over the business. But what we don’t get to hear so often is “mothers and daughters” working together! The Indian film fraternity, fashion world and the industrial sector to name a few have powerful examples of such “mother-daughter” duos that not only evoke interest for their work but also as a family together.

They may often walk the same path and sometimes achieve similar heights of success. This is certainly an attractive quality of such pairs that everyone wants to read about. It’s not necessary that it’s just the professional feats that the general public find intriguing; it’s the camaraderie between the mother and daughter that also catches theirs attention.

Adding to this thought, put together below is a list of five such powerhouse duos that have not only done exceptionally well in their own fields but also as individuals and even managed to grab the headlines for their strong bond.

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Yamini Mazumdar & Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Self-reliant, confident and supremely successful—that’s Kiran Mazumdar Shaw for you all. Shaw had her own share of struggles as a woman who specialized in fermentation science, an unusual career choice for a woman in the 70s. However, she fought all odds and is now the founder and chairperson of Biocon Limited, a Bangalore-based biotechnology company.

Quite interestingly, Shaw’s mother, Yamini Mazumdar, is a successful businesswoman as well, so much so that she still runs the show (of growing exotic organic vegetables) single-handedly at the age of 84! Both the Mazumdar ladies have carved a niche for themselves in respective fields and that’s definitely commendable!

Neeta and Nishka Lulla

When one thinks of fashion in India, Neeta Lulla is one of the first few names that pop up in the head. Of course, she is one of the most talented designers in the country who has dressed Bollywood’s A-list celebs. She has even acquired several prestigious awards for her exceptional contribution to the field of fashion designing.

Similarly, her own daughter Nishka is a famed fashion designer. Popular among the youth, the recently-married designer has showcased her coveted designs at various fashion shows. Not only this, both Nishka and Neeta have also participated as a duo in various international fashion shows. Talk about some talented twosome!

Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta

Neena Gupta is a talented actor and director. She effortlessly epitomizes “the strong Indian woman” who despite personal struggles has created a respectable space for herself. Well in the late 1980’s, she got everyone talking after having a baby out of wedlock! Despite this, she managed to do impressive work both on and off screen. Hats off to her!

Then comes Masaba, who surely knows packs a punch and how! The feisty and artistic fashion designer has achieved tremendous heights at the age of just 26! Creations from “House of Masaba” are much liked by all A-listers in India. Masaba also attributes her eclectic fashion sense to her mother who has always had a keen eye for fashion.

Even though the two ladies have seen sky-rocketing success in fairly different fields, their determination and zest towards life is unmatchable!

Mrinalini Sarabhai and Mallika Sarabhai

She may have been the late space scientist Vikram Sarabhai’s wife but Mrinalini Sarabhai is a woman with her own identity. A dancer par excellence, she is also a celebrated choreographer and instructor. Mrinalini is the founder of Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad to impart training in dance, drama and music. Even though she is 97, she is quite a powerhouse.

Mallika Sarabhai is a firebrand multi-tasker. A celebrated Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancer, she is also a social activist and manages Darpana along with her mother. In addition to this, Mallika has acted in several plays and won tons of accolades for her contribution in the field of arts and dance. In simple words, both the feisty and supremely ladies from Sarabhai household are a force to be reckoned with!

Aparna Sen and Konkona Sen Sharma

If you want a movie to emotionally stir you or make you think, watch an Aparna Sen movie. Known to deal with social issues, Sen is a three-time National Film Awards winner who also had a rather successful stint spanning 3 decades as an actress. An arresting intelligence, strong yet sensitive ideals and a beautiful face—that’s Aparna Sen for you.

Following the footsteps of her mother, both professionally and personally, is Konkona who is a popular arthouse actor. Having worked in powerful films like “Mr. & Mrs. Iyer” and “15 Park Street”, Konkona is confident and extremely comfortable in her own skin. And, when both mother and daughter work together (remember Mr. & Mrs. Iyer?), it is always in perfect sync!

It is always good to hear about women who are doing exceptional work in their respective fields. And, it is even better when it’s both the mother and daughter. In a restricted and stringent society like ours, it is refreshing to see these powerful pairs making an impact in the society in their own ways.

Let us all raise a toast to them. They truly deserve it!


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