Ramona Arena

In an exclusive interview with Feministaa, Ramona Arena talks about her journey, music, inspiration, marriage, discrimination in entertainment industry and much more.

Ramona never had a stage fright. She started with hosting Karaoke nights in Bombay and went on to become a popular VJ for MTV. Music has been an indispensable part of her life – from musical theatre to script writing and hosting shows in a radio production house, she never missed a chance to be in front of the mike.

Citing Madonna and Beyonce as her inspiration, she says, “apart from the whole package that you see – beautiful hair and glamorous costumes, she [beyonce] is a beautiful wholesome woman. She is independent, stands up for women’s rights and is very dedicated.”

“I think it’s unfair to say that women are marginalized in the entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, this is a situation in any industry.”

She talks about how the status of women in entertainment industry is more or less similar to other professions.

“You can’t make somebody work for you and not pay them.”

Ramona is highly straight-forward when it comes to work and that is what upsets most people. She reveals the harsh truth of how many companies  don’t pay to people especially if they are freshers.

“I think it’s a personal equation. Divorce rates are probably going up because people don’t have time for each other.”

The VJ believes that marriage is just a name to a legal contract. She points out that it’s not correct to ‘blame’ women for being ambitious, passionate towards their work or being independent. Ramona says that mutual understanding and spending time with each other is the real key to a stable relationship.

“It’s extremely important for women to support feminism.”

Talking about feminism, Ramona says, “lot of things that women have today is because of feminism”. “Women need to support other women”, she adds, “be somebody you’re proud to look at every day.”

With head held high, Ramona has faced all challenges head on and she continues to inspire many women even today!


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