Do You Know About the Latest Reproductive Revolution ?

Former Miss World Diana Hayden recently gave birth to a baby girl using the egg freezing method. And the internet has been buzzing with the concept of Egg Freezing.

What is this method? How does it work?

The method of egg freezing is a way of reproduction by which a woman can get her own eggs frozen and stored in a facility in order to be able to reproduce in the future.This process of freezing eggs was first described in the year 1986.

It consists of a 3 step procedure that involves:

  • Consultation
  • Medication
  • Preservation


The method involves a strict medical consultation for a period of around 4-5 months depending on the woman’s health requirements. During this period, the woman is made to produce multiple eggs through a series of medications. The frozen eggs are then stored in a facility, where they safely remain until she decides to use them. If and when the woman decides to use those preserved eggs, the process of re-implantation begins. It involves thawing the eggs and then following a standard in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle using a partner’s sperm to create and implant embryos to able to able to make the woman conceive.age,

Working women especially in the West prefer the Egg Freezing Procedure as a means to conceive later in their 30s or 40s. Apart from that, women who may have some serious medical conditions can get their eggs frozen for the future so that it doesn’t affect their ability to conceive.


Age without a doubt makes a huge difference. Women who are interested in the egg freezing procedure, are advised to do that in their  20s or early 30s. Doing so before reaching the age of 35 is advised. Certainly, with age the capacity to produce eggs also reduces. Thus, the sooner it is the better.

The Egg Freezing Procedure has not become as popular but its efficacy has been a matter of debate. The procedure does not always guarantee having a child. Eggs must go through the entire re-implantation process and the thawing procedure to be able to be successful.

Therefore, it is advised to weigh the pros and cons thoroughly. Also work out your finances, for it’s an expensive procedure. So for those you ambitious women who still need some time to start a family while the age clock is still ticking, this procedure is one of the answers to all your worries.

You can give the so-called biological clock finally a rest!!


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