First Ever Female Owned Airline from South Africa is now International !!

“I was one of the first CEOs to build a proper relationship with SAA’s pilot union and cabin crew. We got everyone on the same page,” Mzimela said.

Fly Blue crane is South Africa’s first and foremost airline started by a Black woman. They will launch their first international flight after their inauguration ceremony held back in September.

Mzimela was a CEO of the South African Airways and also on the board of the International Air Transport Association. Now, Sizakele the co-founder, CEO and majority shareholder ( holding a 70 percent stake) of Fly Blue Crane.

South Africa-based Fly Blue Crane, the first airline started by a black woman, is about to launch its first international flight less than a year after the airline’s September inauguration. News 24 reported  that the airline will Start its operations from the 13th of May between Cape Town and Windhoek.

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