Founder of GETI, Dr Sunita Gandhi, on Empowering Women & Educators with Education

“We need to see a broader definition of education. We need to allow every child to explore his or her potential.”

Dr Sunita Gandhi is on a mission to empower women and educate the educator by reforming and revamping the education system with a new approach. Global Education and Training Institute (GETI)  is the brainchild of Dr Gandhi that seeks wholesome development of children. The same old norms of education fail to enrich students with the development they need to excel in the world. Dr Gandhi asserts that a broader spectrum of educational practises will explore a child’s full potential.

“The only way we can bring about excellence in every child is when we stop comparing them with each other.”

Watch the video to find out more about the inspirational journey of Dr Sunita Gandhi and GETI.


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