Here are Some Ways you can Avoid Monday Blues

How to Avoid Monday Blues | How to Get Over the Monday Blues

I don’t know if Mondays are just cursed or it’s just the word ‘Monday’ which steals the smile away from my face. I can’t even enjoy my Sunday to the fullest thinking about the wave of the Monday blues, the next day.  The schedule, the monotonous work environment, the work stress and never ending family responsibilities drain away my patience level and sometimes, also affects my health. Overtime, I have learnt the art of curbing Monday blues. It’s not that bad and I have been practicing these little tricks which make my Mondays as happy as any other day of the week .

There are some basics to be learnt in order to have a happy Mondays:

1. Right job

Find a job which is close to your passion and you enjoying putting your time and effort in.  In other words, follow your passion. Find a job which you feel satisfied and happy doing . Explore your interests and get involved with something which makes you jump out of the bed with joy every Monday.

2. Make friends

Friendship is a Monday healer. Make friends at your workplace and make plans with them during your free time. If you are lucky enough to get loyal friends then you will no longer feel lazy even if its a Monday. Instead, you’ll feel happy that you’re going to meet your friends (and work too) and work becomes fun because of them.

3. Try a new thing every week

Doing the same work everyday in office makes your life monotonous. It’s up to you how you can get rid of the dullness in your office. Think of an idea, try a new thing every week starting from Monday. It could be a hobby , a new interest or anything that tempts you or keeps you going. So, if you’ll think that you are going to try something new on a Monday then you’ll feel excited about it and consequently, you’ll no longer be worried about the deadly Monday. You will have excitement to complete that task and the ‘new thing’ will motivate you to go to work even on a Monday.

4. Distract your mind

When the weekend comes to an end, do not think too much about the next week and the work load. Just don’t stress yourself  by thinking that ‘uh, it’s Monday tomorrow’. Console yourself by thinking that a new week will bring new opportunities and new adventures. After all, thats what you signed up for when you took this job.

5. Set your workplace (or room) in different manner

It’s quite boring when your workplace looks like a typical grey office cabin. Try to make your work cabin personalised and less serious. By putting motivational calendars, photo frames and colourful stationary, you can change your mood. Try new accessories and different ideas through which you can arrange your working area in a creative way. These little things can also help you break the Monday morning blues.

Make your Monday colourful and exciting with the help of these ideas instead of adding blue monotony to it.

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