Redefining ‘The Perfect Girlfriend’

Redefining ‘The Perfect Girlfriend’

Undoubtedly, love is an inseparable part of our lives. Since childhood, we are poured with love from our family and friends, but by the time we grow up, the meaning of love slightly changes for us. We begin to search for our soul mates. Some people are blessed with love but some have to struggle for it. We the women have a softest corner for love in our hearts, therefore we constantly make our best efforts to make our love life the best ones.

She always thinks how she can make her boyfriend happy. These are the basic things, but for maintaining stability in a relationship, it needs much more potential. It is said that nobody is perfect on this earth but you can make little efforts to make your love life better and call yourself a perfect girlfriend.

1. Don’t materialise your love– Many a times giving and receiving gifts become more important than loving and caring, for couples. Gifts are not that important but loving is more important. So don’t worry about the gifts and surprises all the time.

2. Personal space– Enjoy your personal space and let your boyfriend enjoy his own. Don’t get over involved in his life and forget about yours. You both need to find peace in your own space.

3. Do not be a soubrette– All boys have a preconceived notion that girls are soubrettes  (nakhrewalis). So let’s break this thought because that’s not true. You have the right to have certain expectations but being over demanding and over expecting could turn out be a turn off for many boys.

4. Be a smart girlfriend– You are the woman of today who is intelligent and  independent. She can organise parties and even plan surprises for her man. Gone are those days when only men had to do so.

5. Be Simple in your approach – Simplicity is a habit and not an act, therefore keep your relationship as simple as you can. Do not create any kind of boundaries which affects yours or his life. Temporary boundaries are acceptable but formulating strict guidelines and restrictions may affect the relationship in a negative way.

No one in this world is perfect. Also, it is not important to be perfect because sometimes the most imperfect people make the most perfect relationships. The most important thing is to maintain peace in your relationship by balancing your behavioural patterns and setting relationship goals.  If you have the right attitude to deal with a situation then no one can stand against you or your love.

Be confident and beautiful. Do apply your behavioural intelligence in your love life to make your relationship last longer. The perfect girlfriend is not a god sent angel,  but just an emotionally balanced individual who is compassionate in nature and sensible with her actions.


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