Watch Out, There is A ‘CrossAhead’

Watch Out, There is A ‘CrossAhead’

‘Crossahead’ is the new Social networking platform that has now put an end to ‘Artist hunting’ for the customers. The application allows you to book the artists of various fields according to your requirements. Artists from various fields such as Choreographers, Painters, Mehndi artists, Photographers, Make up artist, DJ, Jewellery Designer etc; are available just a click away. Only the professional artists can register with the Crossahead and then after verification, they are made available to the target audience.This application is currently available only in Delhi and NCR region but plans to expand pan-India.

Over 10,000 artists have registered on this platform in the initial phase of the application. It serves as a reliable bridge between the customers and artists for the ease of business.

Easily Accessible : When it comes to the use of application, it is quite manageable for an average person to access it easily. There is no sort of hustle on the homepage; Here you select and target what artists you require. You can shortlist the artists you like and then hire them for your service according to your date and timing.

You may have a job now : Another salient feature is ‘List yourself as an artist’ option, available on the application to register yourself as an artist. The due recognition is now available for those artists who had no major connections to reach out to the mass.

Unnecessary Feeds : The only thing that may bother the users is the ‘Feeds’ segment in the app, which is totally flooded and unables the users to customize it; At times, news notifications also pop up in the feeds, which seems unnecessary in accordance with the app.

Explore the fields: While exploring the skillset, you select the ones you are interested in and once you are satisfied with the service being offered, you can go ahead and send an inquiry for the suitable price.

Quite handy : Also, now that it is the wedding season in india, this app serves as a handy option for those who have requirements of various artists at the wedding events.Now customers don’t have to go on the ‘artist hunt’, as Crossahead took the charge and made it available just one click away.

‘Crossahead’ is more of a win-win situation for both consumers and artists. One should definitely try this application out as they say ‘talent lives here’, so why not pay them a visit.

Click here to visit Official Crossahead Website

and Click Here to download the Android App. Coming Soon on iOS.

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