When I Asked My Mom ‘What Is In The Black Bag?’

When I Asked My Mom ‘What Is In The Black Bag?’

I still remember when I was just 11 years old and was having dinner with my family. I asked my mum about a popular stayfree advertisement I saw on the television . I still remember that incident because how she responded to my question is something I can’t understand till date.  She slapped me for asking this question in front of everyone. I was left aghast as to what crime have I committed to deserve a slap on my face. After which, I just rushed to my room.

Now when I think about it, I wonder. Was it a wrong  question ? Is it really that awful ? . I grew up in a conservative and confined family where words like SEX, PERIODS and PADS are more like Voldemort, “The ones that cannot be named”. I wonder what’s the difference between ‘being down’  and ‘being on menses’. Why can’t we just come out of the fog of confusion and discuss with the young generation about what they will be facing in their teenage years. Why be ashamed or embarrassed? Isn’t it a natural phenomenon ?.

May be its just us, may be its just the way we’ve been raised.

Don’t speak loudly, take small steps when you walk.

Hide the pads in the black bag

Don’t enter the temple

Don’t touch the Pickle 

People are smart, they’ll understand; like they understand when you carry your dignity, your ‘shame’ in a black polybag.

Indian schools have also started educating girls in this context and the awareness is growing. But, even families should be proactive enough to discuss “menstruation” and its causes so as to clear any confusion in the minds of the young girls. There are various organisations as well which are actively engaged in spreading education regarding menstruation.

We don’t need to carry the black bag, like we are doing something wrong. Carry it in your hands and be proud of being a woman. Trust me, its more than just being “down”, its “natural”

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