Little Joys of Christmas

Joy to the world because Christmas is here! 2020 has been exceptionally trying for not just you and I, but the rest of the world as well.

The global pandemic wreaked havoc on us all. Some people lost lives, some lost their loved ones, some lost their livelihoods and some even lost their homes. But one thing that we all held on to was hope. The hope of a better tomorrow, the hope of overcoming this situation and most of all the hope of the restoration of humanity. 

Amidst the conundrum of it all Christmas has arrived and yet again it has given us an opportunity to celebrate little joys of life. The joys and rituals which make this holiday season a little more special. From buying presents, to decorating the Christmas tree and planning elaborate meals or playing family board games, everyone has a special Christmas ritual.

In the spirit of this season, we asked you what your little joys of Christmas are, read more to find out!

A Christmas on Zoom

Zoom has become our new best friend. From online lectures, to office meetings and virtual birthday celebrations, it has been with us through all these thicks and thins. So, why leave it behind on Christmas day. Lockdowns are imposed again in various parts of the world to combat Covid-19 and its subsequent mutation.

Louise shares “Since we’re set for a smaller, more understated Christmas this year, we have plans to dress up, host quizzes and play board games with the extended family over Zoom, as we would if we were all together.”

Sending you all virtual hugs and kisses!

Good Food, Wine and No Time to Whine

Festive season is all about good food and good company. A classic Christmas spread of roast dinner or a regional delicacy that reminds you of good times, is all welcome with open arms because let’s come clean, the end goal is to stuff yourself with as much food as possible.

Based in Canada, Yashvardhan Gupta’s plan is pretty simple and tempting: “Rum cake, chocolate cake, drinking wine, got no time to whine.”

You could belong to different parts of the world yet love for good food remains a bonding similarity. York Atkinson, based in the UK shares, “I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, playing games and eating too much.”

Leave Your Woes and Worries Behind

If you’re a fellow workaholic then you must follow Lithuania based Izabele Pukenaite’s Christmas Ritual. She professes “My ritual is to just calm down, leave all my work behind and just be in the christmas spirit.”

Christmas is all about unwinding and rejuvenating yourself to welcome a new era and year!

Movie Marathons are a Sacred Affair

Everyone has a favourite Christmas movie. Whether it is the classics like A Christmas Story, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer or new-age movies like Home Alone and Die Hard, we all have a movie that gets us going.

Sarah Jayne candidly says  “Baileys and The Holiday always gets me in the festive spirit.” Whereas, Danielle Brier’s yearly ritual is incomplete without “White Christmas with Bing Crosby.”

A good movie, popcorn and hot cocoa is all you need to make this day special!

Dress up to Jazz-up Your Mood

You cannot host or attend a massive Christmas party this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for yourself. Ipsita Chakraborty says “I wear my snowman earrings, and put on my fluffiest muffler and mittens.”

You can wear your family jumpers and lounge in pyjamas all day or you can wear a sparkly bodycon dress and a tux, because at the end of the day it is all about getting in the festive spirit.

Family Traditions for the Win

Setting up a Christmas tree is a tradition for some, playing board games and quizzes is for others, however Lucy Murgatroyd’s family Christmas tradition is very peculiar. She shares, “Normally my brother, dad and I go out for a swim in an open air pool (yes outside in December – we are crazy). But this year will obviously be a lot different, celebrating with less friends and family than usual but I think the thing that will keep us all going is that we’re all safe and healthy.”

Christmas cheer is here and it is our duty to ensure that we chase away the gloom of 2020 with our little rituals to spread the light of joy and warmth. What are your little joys of Christmas?


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