How meditation can help women ?

How meditation can help women ?

We live in an era where the haste to succeed and surplus desire to out step one another is a new trend. It’s a plight for working women who have to juggle between work, children, family and society. She has to show a pace that only outlives her strength but inside she desperately craves for a respite, a sojourn for her soul to rejuvenate her unflinching selfless dedication to the core. ‌ Perhaps, women are starting to lose their values and continuously hurting others in this mercenary choked mind. Women are merely surviving other than living. ‌

It is said, ” birds are light so they fly high”. But to our utter superseding ambitious, women clog their mind and alas! success replaces diseases like depression, nervous disorders etc. Today,  most women are prone to such psychological problems and through meditation, they can again brim up in the air. ‌ It is also said and believed that mediation has the ability to alter your destiny too. There are some easy breathing techniques that can cleanse your inner chakras . I was not acquainted with science of spirituality till the day a sweet soul revealed it to me and then undeniably, there was no looking back. Women these days are in most need to meditate with the increasing pressures from all spheres.

Here is a guide for the most powerful well being for a working women’s soul :

Our body consist of seven chakras: ‌

Root Chakra – This one is about being physically there and feeling comfortable wherever you are. It makes you feel stable and secure. If some women feel  nervous or scared often, they probably need work on this one. ‌

Location: Tailbone

Sacral Chakra – This one is behind your feelings and sexuality. One of the most important for married women, it will help you be open to intimacy and to be passionate. Women, who feel that they are not very open to people and seem to have a neutral look often,  they may have this one closed. ‌

Location: A few inches under your belly ‌

Solar Plexus Chakra – Also known as the Navel Chakra. The navel chakra is about being in control and having self-esteem and confidence. Women, who feel indecisive or timid, this chakra is probably closed. ‌

Location: Upper abdomen. Right in between your rib cage. ‌

Heart Chakra – Love love love. Women and love have to go hand in hand without doubt. This one helps you to be compassionate and friendly and is very important to have good relationships and interactions with others. Women who feel that they have a weak heart chakra, will be cold towards others. ‌

Location: heart ‌

Throat Chakra – This chakra is about self-expression and creativity. Women who are able to produce any form of art will experience an open throat chakra. It may be closed if you are shy and introverted. Women who love lying causes this chakra to be blocked. ‌So beware ladies !!

Location: Throat ‌

Third Eye Chakra – This is the one that catches most peoples attention because it deals with psychic abilities or “the sixth sense”. It also covers intelligence and observation. If you aren’t very good at thinking for yourself, rely on authorities, or get confused easily, this one probably needs work. ‌

Location: Center of forehead a little above brows

Crown Chakra – The crown chakra helps with wisdom, connection to your higher self, and with being one with the world. If you aren’t aware of some sort of spirituality or seem to lack focus or direction in your life, this is what you should open. ‌

Location: Top of head ‌

Through meditation, women can discover themselves from within and have greater access to inner peace and harmony in life. Meditation works like a soulful retreat which is tremendously powerful indeed. According to spiritual healers and masters,  meditating for even 15 minutes daily can transform your life in the most magnificent way. Women, as usual come to the fore, if they practice these techniques, they will find more reasons to galore.

Guest Contributor : Meha  

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