Begin A Dialogue on Women’s Health with Anika Parashar, Founder of The Woman’s Company

“We are worth that extra time. We are worth that little bit of extra money. We are worth being invested in.” 

To the super women who run the world, households, business empires, countries and their self-curated universe, pause, take a respite and give your health and well-being a priority for once because, believe it or not, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

The Founder and CEO of The Woman’s Company, Anika Parashar, begins a dialogue on women’s health with Feministaa by emphasizing the need for women who carry the world on their shoulders, the ones who nurture all, should invest a little time and thought on their health as well.

Anika is a serial entrepreneur, a single mother and a professional with extensive experience of 20 years in the women’s health and wellness sector. The inception of her brainchild, The Woman’s Company, stemmed from a mother’s heart and a wise entrepreneur’s wisdom who wanted every menstruating person to feel comfortable, acknowledged and understood with their products. The Woman’s Company is one of the only brands that provide sanitary pads in varying sizes to help teenagers. The inspiration behind this concept was Anika’s own daughter who is hitting puberty, shares the Founder.

“Every woman has a story and these stories are what intrigues me.”

Driven by unique stories that reside within each woman, Anika candidly shares that she is inspired and intrigued by all these stories. Having lost her parents at an early stage in her life, to now being a single super mom, Anika has seen and conquered it all. She says the guilt of motherhood often looms on the edge but she has managed to fight that monster now. She shares “When I’m at work, I’m focused on work. When I’m with the kids, I’m focused on the kids. And I also take out a little bit of time to do stuff for myself.”

“If you have the right intent, a drive, a strong vision and the conviction behind your vision; things just fall into place.”

Being an Entrepreneur who has weathered storms to fulfill her vision, Anika says “Be yourself, be authentic and don’t take no for an answer.” Just dive in and do it!

Watch the video to know more!

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