How to be Achhe Ghar Ki Ladki: Guide For Every Desi Girl

How to be Achhe Ghar Ki Ladki: Guide For Every Desi Girl

You aren’t allowed to be just a girl in India. You have to be the achhe ghar ki ladki to be accepted & appreciated by our sanskar ridden society.

Follow these easy-peasy rules and never be defeated by any Sharma-Ji-ki-ladki ever!

Say no to feminism

Feminism is a plot of terror to astray poor, innocent girls from the righteous path of patriarchy. It makes women radical which is disastrous for any society. No decent Indian girl should ever dream of feminism. Dream of becoming a bride, if you may, but not a bra-burning-feminist!

Know your place

Achhe ghar ki ladki Knows her place in the hierarchy of the world. First comes patriarchal society, then her father, her brother, her husband, her son, the dog of the house and then her. She must not, at any point of time, challenge the authority of people above her in the hierarchy.

Appreciate the Male Gaze

Male gaze is the sign of appreciation. If someone constantly stares at you in a metro or at a public place then don’t feel threatened. The kind man is not being a lecher, he’s just appreciating your undiscovered beauty.

Don’t wear revealing clothes

If your arm, leg, cleavage, neck, torso or even shoulders are on display then you have lost membership of the achhe ghar ki ladki club. Decent Indian girls cover themselves at all times. They don’t wear shorts, skirts or crop tops because those clothes are meant to entice the innocent men.

Only fair is lovely

Being fair skinned is the only thing that will help the future of a girl in India. So, achhe ghar ki ladki applies ubtan like clockwork everyday to work on her complexion. If your complexion is dark then you must become the most submissive person on this planet to make sure you’re considered a decent girl, despite your skin colour. 

Pati is parmeshwar

Achhe ghar ki ladki is well-educated, knows how to cook, clean, sow and all other wifely duties. She understands that women who have dreams and ambitions are rogues and all she must aspire to be is a wife that keeps her husband happy. Kyuki pati parmeshwar hota hai.

Don’t stay out till late at night

Night is a scary time. No achhe ghar ki ladki in her right mind stays out after the sunset. She knows that women who stay out till late have a questionable character and she would never want to be one of “those.” 

Awaaz neeche: be soft-spoken

No achhe ghar ki ladki ever laughs out loud, or swears, or shouts. She is a prototype right out of the Sanskar Manual. The only car she ever drives is also a sans-car. She must take her voice and opinions to the grave. “Polite Society” is no a place for outspoken women.

Alcohol? Ram, Ram, Never!

The only thing decent Indian girls drink is gangajal. They don’t even know what alcohol is, hell would freeze over if they ever look at a bottle of booze. The only reaction they are supposed to give when asked about alcohol is disbelief, disdain and convulsive physical reaction.

Log kya kahenge  

Day in and out, the only thing on the mind of an achhe ghar ki ladki is log kya kahengeIf you don’t fear what the society, your neighbour or your Kanpurwali Chachi thinks about you then how will you ever make a sane decision in your life?

Swear by these golden rules to be the uber achhe ghar ki ladki and live a well-tailored life. Would that make you happy? No, we are not sure about that, but who cares if you are happy or not as long as you’re an ideal desi girl.

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