Unfold Colours from the Journey of Artist Naina Hussain

“There is no right and wrong in art.”

Art is an expression of self and the world it represents, however there is nothing right and wrong when it comes to art. It is an inclusive space that encourages creative freedom, says Artist Naina Hussain who successfully manages her beautiful Instagram platform By Nainah as a side hustle.

Naina has a pragmatic approach when it comes to embracing her creative identity of an Artist as a side hustle. She says that art is her passion but her professional job is crucial for her to pay the bills. She dreams of having an all exclusive stationary line one day which will creatively imbibe her art.

“Don’t follow other people’s timelines. Just go with the flow and do what you love.”

She is a free-spirited Artist who believes in not conforming to society’s stereotype of success and professional goals. She says do what your heart tells you to however she also recognizes that not following a timeline is a privilege that unfortunately very few people can have.

Watch the video to know more about the journey of this artist and how to grow your artistic empire using social media.

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