How to deal with a Female boss ?

How to deal with a Female boss ?

Women don’t have a very great reputation of being a good boss. Usually considered as moody and emotional, women are known to throwing tantrums at their juniors. Not considered to be the best of professionalism, women have a way of working with emotions.

Here are a few subtle ways of dealing with a lady boss.

Never feel insignificant

No matter how much your female boss harasses you, do not feel small and insignificant. There’s a reason why you have been hired and you should be proud of it.

Take her criticism as a learning lesson, not only in your current job but also as an idea of a person you would never like to be in future.

Your career has just started; you would have both good and bad experiences, so take everything with a pinch of salt. With time, it will fade away. And you will surely move on to greener pastures.


People are not devils, but circumstances at times make them behave in a certain way. You might not know what pressure she is in, how many things she needs to tackle every day. So, rather than developing hatred towards her, try to understand her.

Maybe her criticism and harassment is a way of showing her concern and she just does not know how to talk about it. So, you take the first step.

Tell her how thankful you are for her guidance and how obliged it makes you feel. This kind of conversation is often eye-opening. It might make her understand your perspective as well. After all, she might have crossed a similar stage in life.  So, do try a frank and honest conversation to resolve issues.

Don’t repeat your mistakes

It is human, we all make mistakes. Repeating mistakes is a sign of carelessness.   Take every criticism seriously and work on yourself. Do not repeat it and avoid  humiliation. The fact that she is pin-pointing some loophole in your work does mean that there is a loophole. Usually, at the end of the day, many many people figure out that,  bosses are always right.

Don’t answer back

Having debates and healthy discussions will give a positive insightful image about you. So, when your boss starts scolding you, no matter how heart-breaking it is, do not answer her back. Answering back, is a negative trait, clearly showing that you are repulsive in every way.

Always listen to what she is saying and try to follow it, with accuracy. There is no need to get into a debate with her, which is not going to be fruitful.

Show your hard-work 

No matter how indifferent and insensitive your female boss is, she would like to know the progress you are making.

Suggest her new ideas, talk about ‘out-of-the box’ solutions, trying experimenting with your profile and add more value to it.

Employees that add value to projects, are always respected in the long run.

There might be things that you would come to know with your research that your boss has no idea of. The more you share such ideas, the better she would feel, somehow. Show her your weekly progress so that she knows that you are working and are not there just to pass time. If you do that regular, you might find a change in her behaviour towards you.


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