How to deal with other women at the workplace ?

Dealing with Other Women at Workplace | Female Jealousy in the Workplace

Leadership is always attributed with factors like dominance, assertiveness and decisiveness. Women at the workplace are slowly transforming their mindsets and thought processes to be similar to those of men. But, women have certain characteristics which are not suited for the work place like back bitching, jealously and their extremely competitive nature which is  only with other women. According to social psychologists, women prefer to work with men rather than with other women because they know the female attributes will just prove to be hindrances in the way of their decision making.

Accepting Criticism

Women take criticism too seriously.  They always try to defend statements, and go out of the way to prove their point; especially to their female counterparts who are direct competition.

In this context, a man to woman colleague relationship works better. Many a times attraction has a huge role to play. believe it or not, studies suggest that when attraction works at both ends in a work place, people make more effort to work efficiently and effectively. Resultantly the output is better.

That way men are more attentive to women and in that process, they even try to build healthy relationships.


Many a times an all women team ends up being more like a herd of fighters. Competitiveness ingrained in women, they pretend to be from the same team but they constantly fight for the reward within themselves. This is rather unproductive for the organisation because most of the time they would be dedicated to solving personal issues and grudges rather than actual work issues.

‘Grudges” are the worst enemy for all women, because even the smallest of conflicts could result in developing a grudge which is more like a “predicted war”. Little manipulative games and back bitching could result in an unhealthy work environment thereby affecting the overall productivity.


Women tend to form groups very easily. Since they are in constant need of emotional support, they tend to stick to women who are similar to them in nature and personality.

The emergence of “groupism” which is more like a lethal way of piding the staff into parts which is guided by their own set of mantras. Loyalty emerges while one is a part of a group, making women more powerful with their own set of people. An all women herd also be a bliss in case the women are dedicated workaholics who are strong disbelievers of being judgemental. Well, this sounds more like painting a dreamy happy picture which is hard to recreate in real life.

The ideal situation could be, if women could rise above all the little politics and petty issues at the workplace which will get better results and productivity. All these grudges , fights, unnecessary snapping and back stabbing creates a negative aura which makes the workplace look like a war zone.

On the other hand, Workplace should be more like a sacred place, where co-workers dedicate and channelise their efforts and energies in a positive direction to achieve their goals. Women are capable of making their workplace a peace zone rather than a war zone if they just understand how menial and useless these judgements are and the value of time which they could put elsewhere and reap positive results. Believe it or not, the women in a workplace contribute much more to the aura and work environment than men. thus a huge responsibility lies on their shoulders to behave responsibly.

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