How travelling is not the only option to rejuvenate !!

How travelling is not the only option to rejuvenate

The feeling of serenity is at it’s peak, when one sees this kind of a picture in a Conde Nast, or a Prevention Magazine.  The first thought in mind, is either a much awaited long vacation, or a longing aspiration to be in the picture in place of the model sitting in it. But how many of us can really afford to take that plunge into planning a sudden trip?

Take into account, the sudden expenditure, betrayal to daily commitments, and sheer ignorance to the long disciplined diet that goes for a toss the moment you step out for a holiday!

And eventually, we envy the girl in the picture, who seems to be at the ‘I have it all’ moment in her life.  And soon force ourselves in the fury of the mind, to reach out and plan a trip. As exotic as we can afford, live a life of luxury in heaven for a few days.

We play with our mind as it plays along. And this is an ongoing process. As we gradually reach the peak of the vacation, we can’t wait to return to work, with a new tan, rejuvenated, and chirpy, spreading lots of love to everyone, even to the haters club. I’ve probably sold the idea of a nice vacation to many by now! The highlight is, most of the times, it’s a puzzle of the mind, that needs to be solved.

The mind wants what it wants. When it sees the gorgeous sun baked beaches, it starts functioning towards taking you there. But what a real vacation would mean, is to actually “travel” to a new country, to explore, and to learn. What we actually need when we see these pictures, or say “feel the need for a vacation”, is actually take a break from the daily buzz. And when on vacation, we soon start missing that very buzz!

This means, what we need is a change, a change from the monotony. As ironical as it sounds, the monotony could be the vacation as well!

Recreate yourself and indulge in mind play at home. When work is work, it is boring, just like when home is just a home with a blank hubby, and noisy children, it is more of a place that you want to escape from, rather than the comfortable cushion it should ideally give. When you try to change that, things get better ‘at home’.

Rather than a vacation that digs on money and time, planning a PJ party with your friends, or cooking a romantic something for the hubby, a new haircut or hair colour or maybe buying an expensive piece of furniture (that’s cheaper than the vacay!), are more viable, and would make you enjoy the daily routine.

If you’re a person, always working from the desk, try changing to sitting on the sofa with a cuppa in your pj’s, or of you’re someone who’s mostly working out of the bed or couch, try putting out a neat study desk and sitting there!

Sometimes, what we need is a change, and we forget that there are other ways of bringing about that change than escaping. What the pictures sell, are not places or hotels, but feelings. The feeling to break free from your daily monotony.

To travel is to explore. To travel is to see things, that you’ve never seen before, and probably its your last chance to see or experience it! I have personally travelled all the way to Naples only to eat pizza, in the world’s first pizza outlet. And the first bite that I had of their pizza, was one of the most satisfying moments in my life. Where I travelled, not to escape anything, and not to experience freedom, but to explore and experience something unique!

True to my experience, travel, is not what a magazine can sell, and has nothing to do with how deep your pockets are, but more like a feeling to explore and curate, things which we haven’t seen before. This feeling is everlasting and not short-lived. In fact, it’s a memory and learning of a lifetime, and not a sweet escapade to dreamland, and back to reality.

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