Jumping into your 30s? Here’s some advice!

Jumping into your 30s? Here’s some advice!

Okay, so here’s the first thing about turning 30.

It’s NOT the end of your life!

I always wondered why women made such a big deal out of turning 30, that why turning thirty was supposed to be such a tipping point in a woman’s life. Why 30 was a milestone every woman has to cross.

Okay, so turning thirty means we’re entering middle age. We’re not as young as we used to be. We’re not what we used to be in our twenties. Life has come a long way from the turbulence of our teenage years, to ‘finding’ ourselves in our twenties. We’re not the same person anymore.

And yet, if you still feel like turning 30 will be the end of your world, then here is some advice on how to deal with the ‘OMG I’m Thirty!’ phase:

> Chuck everything you learn in fashion and women’s magazines about ‘what to have and what to do before turning 30’ out the window. That list is crap, it’s pop psychology. There is, essentially, no scientific logic or rationale behind those lists. They’re just fads.

> You’re grown up now. No longer are you trying to ‘fit in’ or to ‘find yourself’. You have an education, and now you have a job and a career. Now is your time to achieve your professional goals and rise to the top in your career. Now is your time to stabilize your life and set new milestones.

> You have to put up with less crap, generally. No longer are you trying to become socially acceptable. Neither are you required to be a chronic people-pleaser, and worry about ‘what will they think of me’. Cut out those people who you find a negative influence from your life. Learn to love yourself for who you are, and for what you have come to stand for.

> Your body is undergoing a transformation. Your metabolism has changed- the rate at which your body metabolizes food has increased. Hair might start growing at places where it never used to be. Parts of your anatomy, especially your back and feet, might hurt more. You may put on weight faster than usual. Acne might appear while you’re menstruating. All that is alright. These physiological changes are normal in our sex- you are finally accepting that you’re imperfect, and learning to love yourself for who you are- both physically and mentally.

> You are officially slated to be called ‘mature’. Whether you’re single or married, you know a lot more about dating, sex and relationships now. You have seen and experienced stuff, and you know more about life now. You are officially old enough to give relationship advice to those younger than you. You have accepted yourself as you are, and become more vocal about your needs and wants. So speak your mind, and do not worry about what people will think of you.

> Now is the time to cement your career and achieve success. Now is the time to live life the way you want to live it, to map your own journey. When everybody around you is getting married and having babies or traveling and announcing their life on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat, you might feel ‘left out’ if you’re a single professional woman. Please don’t feel this way. You are comfortable in your own company, and that’s what matters the most.. You are single because you haven’t found the right person for you. Don’t compare your life to that of others. Celebrate your victories and set new goals to achieve.

Remember, life doesn’t end at 30. In fact, a new life begins- one where you can live for yourself and do everything you wanted to do, whether personally or professionally. You are a grown, mature person and wiser.

So enjoy your thirties and be happy.

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