Why Should You Never Settle ?

Why Should You Never Settle ?

What do you mean by the word “Settle” ? Settle in the most simple definition would mean acceptance of your surroundings without keeping your expectations forward and letting things be the way they are. When you accept things the way they are, you learn to adjust and adapt to them. You forget about your wants and desires because you have made your choice, which is to ‘Settle’. But Is that the right choice ? Should you really just stop wanting for more ? Well, sometimes it is wise to settle for what you have now rather than risking it for the unpredictable.

Fear of the future affects our present actions and what we are doing now is nothing but reflections of the experiences of our past. But, why do we forget that risk is beautiful and by accepting the current scenario, we just let go of an opportunity which could turn out to be magnificent or close to our expectations. But fear is what guides us and we just accept what we have, ignoring what could have been. We believe in being practical and the fear of losing is what makes us worried. Hence, we decide to “Settle”. That is actually close to shutting your self to exciting possibilities and adventures which could have been a part of your life.

A life without excitement and adventure is close to not living a life at all. After all, why live a life when you can’t live it fully ?

Life should be like a roller coaster, which requires no push. It should be a bumpy ride so that you can experience the highs and lows. Just like when you end the ride, you should come out with a ‘good shock’, which gives you an inner rush and a smile on your face. The key is to not let fear of the unexpected, guide you and force you towards the acceptance of situations.

When things don’t go the way you want them to go, you lower your expectations.  Are You ready to give up and ” Settle” ?

Not every one is as lucky or destined to ‘Settle’ with the life they always want. But, settle for the good if not for the best because while waiting for the best, you don’t want to lose out on the good in your life. Don’t be greedy to get what you think you deserve. What you deserve is to be happy and if settling for the good makes you happy, then might as well.

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