Patriarchy And Hypocrisy: Murderers Of Female Aspirations

Patriarchy And Hypocrisy: Murderers Of Female Aspirations

Shirley Chisholm once said, “The emotional, Sexual and Psychological stereotyping of females begin when a doctor says, Its’s a girl.”

Our country is developing tremendously in various aspects, architecture, finance, but one thing that remains constant is the hypocritical mindset of the people. This is a factor that does not decide the country’s GDP, a person’s grades, job yet forms the basic agenda of life. Ideology is one thing that can make you or break you.

Patriarchy is one such form of ideology that proves the very basic hypocritical attitude of our society. Taking the example of the recent honor killing case of Pakistani Model and Social Media Sensation Qandeel Baloch, we can very well see that it is patriarchy that knows no boundaries and can strangle you to death, hysterically in the name of honor.

The incident not just shocked us but it disgusts us to know about a brother killing her sister in the name of honor and then feeling proud of it. People showed their agitation through social media and once again showed their levels of hypocrisy.

If one notices, they will see, that the Same Qandeel Baloch that they used  to hate and mock for her bold and outrageous behaviour on social media, are now cursing patriarchy for being the reason behind her death.

But the question here is what is Patriarchy? Does patriarchy only comes to notice when a woman is molested or killed? Everytime a male or a female in your family, in your circle or vicinity tells you to do something that you don’t want to but you have to because the society demands, is the very beginning of patriarchy.

A girl is not allowed to stay late, not allowed to  party, not allowed to have guy friends, not allowed to wear the clothes she wants to, yet the boy in the family is allowed to stay as much late as he wants to or party as much as he wants to. A female is supposed to take care of home and the male is supposed to earn the bread for the house. The first child is supposed to be a boy and if not either it is aborted, thrown away if born or said proudly to be raised like a boy and not a girl.

And this is the hypocritical patriarchal pattern of our society that strangles a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, mentally, each day.

It is hysterical that a family can have a murderer in the house but not a girl who is earning fame, name and money on her own terms and living independantly. Because this does not fits with the basic norm of our patriarchal society which is a girl should know how to behave and remain within boundaries.

Now, who is the one having the right to decide how a girl is supposed to behave or what boundaries should she live within?

We say that people are changing, their ideologies are changing but is that really happening or is that all too covered in the sweet layers of hypocrisy that one cannot see.

What do you think is the actual cause of death of this Pakistani sensation, her brother strangling her to death? No, the only killer here is not just her brother, it’s we, the society.

Criticizing her on her boldness, calling her a fame-thirsty nonsense, trolling her constantly are the factors that even let the family think about saving their honor without having her in their life.

Today, we all stand together, and criticize the patriarchal structure of our society, but when other female celebrities or icons are called sluts on social media, we either join the trolls or ignore them.

It is high time now to actually not wait for some girl to commit suicide or get killed because society’s orthodoxy nature and fight back every person who tries to oppress a female in the name of honor.

Speak up, Watch, Stand, Let there be no more people like Qandeel’s family and let there be no more murders like Qandeel’s.

Let her Rest In Peace and let us all awake and fight back patriarchy.


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