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When a Woman Decides She Can Shake Up the Entire System | Swati Maliwal, Delhi Commission for Women

“When a woman decides, she can shake up the entire system.”

The Youngest ever Chairperson to preside over Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal is the force of nature who is striving to make Delhi safe for women. DCW has handled more than 55,000 cases and attended 2.35 lakh calls on 181 helpline numbers during her tenure since 2015. The Activist and Politician studied to become an Engineer but social plight of people in need became her true calling. She spearheaded the #RapeRoko movement in 2018 to get government’s attention on the rapidly increasing rape culture of India.

With the thought of “Somebody has to raise their voice” Swati has become the voice for women who are rising, hustling and fighting for safety, equality and empowerment.

To know more about the purpose, mission and struggles of Delhi Commission for Women watch the exclusive live conversation with Swati Maliwal, the woman who has transformed the face of this organization.

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