Pyaar ka “Punch”-nama?!

Pyaar ka “Punch”-nama?!

Women are emotional, sensitive, needy and yes, they do love shopping . They want men to understand that they are not the greedy blood sucking species, which men have stereotyped women to be. Some men paint the picture of  a woman based on preconceived notions, even before they start dating her. Men portray women as needy little species who want to speak out their hearts every five minutes and want to talk about things to them all the time. What men need to know that this behaviour is called being “emotionally sensitive”. Although, over doing the same could be annoying at times, but every woman has some emotional needs, which a man needs to be respectful towards.

Women are the biggest Shopaholics, they shop till they extract the last piece of thread from the men’s pocket. It’s true that women love to shop, but just like men love cars, women love to shop . Why do they make it sound like a “stereotype” ?. When men buy watches and clothes, Is that nay different from shopping? Just like some men drink more and some less, similarly, some women love to shop and others don’t.

Just like all men cannot be considered to be “alcoholics”, all women cannot not to be tagged as “shopaholics”.

Women love to gossip. They like talking about people, things and everything around them. Men also love to talk about other men, cars, stocks, women and sex. So why do women “gossip” and men “talk” ? Aren’t we on the same page of discussing things and people around us ? Then why are women tagged to be “gossipers”? What different are we doing?

Just because women talk more on the phone and men talk more with a glass of whisky, doesn’t make women “gossipmongers” and men “casual talkers”.

Women spend so much time dressing up and looking good. The truth is that a man doesn’t like his woman looking less fancy than the wife of his partner. He wants to carry her wife around just like a trophy, so why complain when she takes time to look like one ? If a woman can look better by spending more time in front of the mirror, then let her do that. After all, a man is most proud when he is holding hands with an attractive woman by his side.

Women are considered to be astute jugglers. She should be a good wife, a caring mother, a responsible daughter-in law, a Masterchef and last but not the least, a career focused woman. The truth is that not all women have super powers to do it all. So, when she plays her role, she is doing enough to sustain her existence in this demanding society where she is trying to please everyone around and trying  to do whatever she is capable of doing, considering the boundaries and pressures the society has burdened her with.

So, Let her breath, she is doing the best she can.

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