She is not just a Maid Manager !!

She is not just a Maid Manager !!

Being a homemaker is a beautiful job in its self. It is as hard as any full time job, but the difference is that an outside job pays you and an “at home” job earns for you, love and respect from your family members. A homemaker is often tagged as a selfless devotee, which is also, one of the most beautiful traits one would want his wife to have. She just looks for a few things in return, some love and admiration, along with a little respect for her hard work.

But, the people around her often take her for granted. According to others, she is meant to take care of the house and not interfere in anything else. She is not expected to do things outside the boundaries of the house. She is believed to be best at what she does, which is handling the daily chores of a household. Only support and respect for her is what is expected out of the family members. She is swamped with duties of the house and family obligations, leaving little or no time for herself.  This creates possibilities of getting inflicted with diseases such as obesity, depression or even worse. What is required is some motivation, a small push to make her realise that its not late. She needs to be encouraged to not let her life be circled around the house only and continue to pursue her passion and desires.

Passion makes you who you are. Let that passion give you a reason to be happy

A Housewife selflessly devotes her time and effort to raise her children in order to make her child’s life worthwhile. And although it’s unsaid, the children need to fulfill their duties, by helping their mothers and sisters, achieve their potential best and encourage them to not stop dreaming because being a housewife doesn’t make her less of a dreamer. Sometimes, people tend to put an age bar for being ambitious. But, the motivated lot will still chase their dreams, no matter what the situation is and some will just let it go as a sacrifice towards building a family. The one who is able to successfully juggle both is often criticised for her neglectful attitude towards either the family or the work.

Being a housewife and attending household duties is not what she is meant to do all her life. She has some dreams, some aspirations, which have now kissed the dust. But, if one cares, one will not let this happen. Self-fulfillment is the most important requirement in one’s life and the only thing which can instil confidence in oneself,  is knowing one’s worth and capability.

 Let her dream big, let her be free from any inhibitions, let her discover herself.

After all, she made her children capable of doing the same. So, help her achieve, help her grow and make sure she gets what she deserves. Be a supporter of her dreams and a believer of her ambitions.

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