Richa Chadha Talks About Being Original In Bollywood And Avoiding Stereotypes.

“What you put out into the world is also very important.”

Actor Richa Chadha was unabashedly herself when she explained how being an actress showcasing one’s talent is important, but it is equally essential to take up work that is meaningful.

Talking about the kind of strong women-centric roles that she is mostly known to play on screen, Ms. Chadha said that in the initial part of her career she always got those roles by themselves. This has been evident right from her debut movie, following which she played characters that won her critical acclaim. However, now that she has managed to carve a niche for herself, she is consciously choosing rather a wide mix of roles, a variety to break the pattern.

While at the same time she is strikingly honest as she bashes the idea that she does have a certain identity because of these particular roles!

“I don’t think I have been able to be stereotyped yet.”

Her exact intention has been just that, to be not been able to be boxed into a category. She then stresses the fact that she doesn’t really hold a particular image. This temperament so far has been a case of success.

But she is a strong advocate of the notion that young people should follow their own dreams and be courageous at its chase.

“Live your own truth without fear and without being apologetic for having ambition.”

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