Romance With The Co-Worker

In the midst of our hectic, monotonous life, when we badly seek someone who could make us sing out loud that ‘My heart is beating’ track from Julie, sometimes cupid shoots his arrow, and it hits the person in our office itself. While your office romance can turn even those boring Mondays into exciting, tempting, and way more fun, there’s a hidden reality beyond the first few heady weeks. Of course, meetings would be no less than romantic dates, you wouldn’t need to cut down on your schedule to get yourself some lovey dovey time with your partner and you would get at least one reason to smile while juggling your head with those piles of files. But doesn’t matter how exhilarating it sounds, there’s more to this apparent fairytale.

Love is in the air, so is distraction!

Romancing with a co-worker would be like taking your office to the bed. It becomes claustrophobic after a period of time. Just imagine you get a really heavy dose of criticism from your boss, you’re buckled down as hard as nails to shut his mouth with your performance and there your love interest at the next table asks you out, could you resist such a tempting deal? The aroma of love brings along extra long lunch breaks, too much time near the coffee machine, and exchange of glances every now and then. Don’t you think it’s enough to slack your ’employee of the year’ title in no time?

Infatuation vs. Love & Love vs. Lust!

Love blindfolds us up to a limit that we lose the sense to see a thin line that exists between a casual fling and a long-lasting love. Not all office romances need to be a disaster but most of them fail to make you count on a happy ending. Lending a shoulder to a woman who needs one to cry on is the first thing on their to-do list, but that doesn’t prove those men to be reliable in the long run. A co-worker who offers you a helping hand by sharing your workload might appear as your Knight In Shining Armor, but the same person might have his own strategies in mind to use you as a ladder which gets him nearer to his goals.

Breakup can come with a resignation letter as well!

Would it be really easy for you to keep your past aside and move on when the person you had had that past which pops up before your eyes all day long? Consciously or subconsciously, you’d be peering around corners to make sure your former love isn’t in the hall and avoiding the company picnic for fear that your eyes would no longer be able to hold the tears. It’s not a school or college that will come to its farewell one day or other. It’s your office where you might have to spend the rest of your life. Getting a slideshow of the moments spent with him before your eyes every day as he passes you by or raising the bars of your calibre to nail the work performance and be an inspiring Indian women – you decide!

Your credibility will be doubted upon

Take an instance of somebody who’s dating her boss, and there she gets a speedy promotion in just a few weeks which you’d been dying to grab for years. Would you hold yourself from letting this news be the talk of the town that she got it as a reward for her romantic affair with the boss? Of course, you wouldn’t. Step into her shoes and give a thought upon how it feels. Doesn’t matter how many sleepless nights you spent over completing the targets and preparing the presentations, your success would always be seen as Valentine’s gift by your senior love interest. That’s a reality check, ladies!

Welcome the dirty looks!

Social awkwardness may become a part of your daily routine as soon as you hook up with a colleague. Your other co-workers may become extremely jealous about the perks you are getting (even if you aren’t getting any) or the way you don’t need to give an explanation whenever your work lags behind (even if it doesn’t). Some might feel too hesitant to exchange greetings and have a chit-chat with you because they fear they might be intruding into your privacy while others may exclude you from group conversations because they don’t know what you’ll relay to your new love? Your romantic involvement may colour everyone’s judgment with regard to promotions, projects, team building and responsibilities. Even all this is okay as soon as your love succeeds to flourish through thin and thick, but if it doesn’t (God forbid) your might be forced to feel left out within your office walls.

If you ever go through some of the success stories of women entrepreneurs, you’ll find but one thing in common, they all advise to bid a goodbye to office romance. As it’s said, man proposes God disposes, we’ve nothing in our hands. If you still feel that your co-worker is the one for you, go for it but do re-read this article to make sure you wouldn’t have to regret your decision once it’s too late.


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