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Daughter of a tycoon, and a rebel in herself, a successful restaurateur/chef; Sneha Singhi is one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in the city of joy.

As easy as this sounds like a cliche, Paris Café is the story of a young and pretty girl who turned out to be one hell of a rebel. Today she stands strong managing a team of about 50 people single-handedly; mostly people who are much senior to her in age and experience!

About Her

Sneha has been cooking since she was 7. And so much so that she had the guts to pursue this professionally at a time when baking was considered to be a hobby leave aside a passion that could be pursued as a profession. Like any other new age entrepreneur, Sneha is fighting a doldrum of stereotypes herself.

“I was really upset I got through Xavier’s.”

The biggest myth that kills a huge chunk of young talent in India, is the mandate to have a graduation degree. And Sneha strongly believes in that. When she was supposed to be doing graduation like most of the Calcuttans, she took a stand to go to Le Cordon Bleu.  She worked at a restaurant in London and came back to India with the idea of bringing an exquisite array of desserts for the locals in her city at an affordable price. And Kolkata saw one of its very first bakery with a fast delivery system in place, giving a variety of French sweets.

“My parents would be sick worried when I used to work 18 hours a day”, says Sneha

The Paris Café

The restaurant gives a feeling of sitting in one of the romantic cozy cafes next to the Eiffel Tower. Like any other Chef, this 23 year old dreams of owning Michelin Stars for her restaurant one fine day. And seeing her routine, it seems that she’s left no stone unturned for the same.

She gets up early, visits all her cafes every single day, works out to stay fit and active, and …. !!!!

An avid dog lover, we saw that none of the strays around her home and any of the Paris Café Outlets go without food!

“I want to open a shelter for these stray dogs. They’re getting food right now  but they don’t have any place to rest.”

“We have five dogs that we have adopted. We give them injections and deworming all the stuff they need. But they don’t have a place to live. Because I still don’t have the kind of environment for them.”

All the proceeds from the Paris Café are being collected to build Kolkata’s very first dog shelter.

An entrepreneur has time only for work…. Work…. And work…..

In our rapid fire, when asked about priorities, she laughs and talks about WORK being the foremost priority for any entrepreneur. Yet she says that family time is as important as her work. Her passion takes her to visit London once every year and keep up to date with new dishes.

The variety at all the outlets, have taken good care of the Kolkata market, and she plans to open up a chain of Paris Café’s all over the country; each with a different theme and menu of its own!

“I have to be the better cook always.”

When we talk about marriage she just laughs and says maybe that could wait! But she has to be the better cook between the two! An enthusiastic, fun and extremely positive entrepreneur, she’s an icon to a lot of the young girls in Kolkata who want to do something of their own.

At an age where people love partying, Sneha find the concept boring, and would rather sit and ponder and plan, on what’s next that would bring her one step closer to her dream!


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