Say no to “”

Say no to “”

Love: Is a temporary insanity curable by marriage.

We have heard a million times that marriages are made in heaven, and how God has chosen “the one” for  each one of us. All this seems more dreamy than real. Madhuri Dixit in the movie, “Dil to Pagal Hai “ has been quite consistent with her beliefs that her “soulmate” will magically appear on Valentines day and the only fear she had was that she might not be able to recognise him. Its true that the greatest fear of all, is the Fear of the unknown, but relying on an assumption can only help you get your soulmate in a Bollywood movie and not in real life.

Life is not a Bollywood flick and we don’t find love so easily 

Eventually, she falls in love and finds “the one”. Well, Bollywood has always set some sky high expectations for us, but in real life when it comes to finding the “oh so perfect” prince charming and the celeb studded gala weddings, it just seems like a dream which might or might not come true. Unfortunately, life is nothing close to this pre-created overhyped dreamy picture. It is more around hunting for your prince charming in a jungle full of eager Future- in-laws waiting to put their demands forward and making deals with your expectations.

Indian System of marriage is a commercialised way of finding your significant other.

The family, friends, relatives and pandits are all ace matchmakers. They have your profile stuck to their minds and their rolling eyes are always hunting for “that perfect match” for you. In the midst of these matchmaking experts, we also have a bunch of matrimonial websites which are again experts but in an online setting. They perform a technical analysis of eligible profiles and use an algorithm to find a suitable match. So, now we have an online guru also who will tell us whom to spend the rest of our lives with.

It is sad that some people who think that they have exhausted all the available resources have no option but to resort to an algorithm to find”the one”.

The Online Love Saga

Seriously ? We pay money for this ? And what is the gaurantee ? Will they make us sign a contract that we will live happily ever after and this is the best we can get ? It is not wrong to use an online dating portal as an option, but believing in them and falling for their cheap tactics is what we need to stop doing. Specially, paying money to these websites is nothing short of a scam.

In a country like India, where before we put any filter, our family completes the filtration and decides for us, how do these matrimonial websites expect us to believe that their options could be our potential soul-mates? And after all this, we fall for their marketing gimmicks,  it is a clear indication that we have lost our game. What these matrimonial sites have is a  bunch of leftovers who don’t know where to go because they have exhausted all their resources.

No one can guarantee a lifetime of happiness, not your family, not the pandits and not any matrimonial site. 

We are creators of our own destiny, we should take full responsibility for our actions and their reactions. Love doesn’t come easy, neither does a lifetime of happiness. Matchmaking is nothing short of a business for these websites and you wouldn’t want to make your marriage a part of a business transaction. When your family or friends do the same, its more out of concern and love for your well-being.  But, these online portals are not looking out for you, they are just looking out for filling their pockets. According to an article in Times of India, in the USA,  the divorce rate is 500 per 1000 couples. On the other hand, the Divorce rate in Indian couples has also seen a drastic rise from 1 in 1000 to 13 in 1000. This shows that, we are slowly starting to losing credibility in the institution of marriage which once existed.

Many a times, it’s not really love, but the idea of love that these shammy websites sell. Advertisements where in parents keep chasing after boys for marriage but never find one, are tactfully made to incite the existing fear in Indian parent’s minds of finding a match for their children.

They make you meet, they encourage you to date and they convince you to marry. Game over and they win. In this scenario, years later, whom will you blame in case of a failed marriage? Don’t you think that its better to blame yourself than to blame an online portal for that matter? The online dating world is meant more for fun and if you find “the one” while having some fun, consider yourself a lucky exception. If you want to have fun, join Tinder. It claims for what its meant for, which is “fun”. Also, considering the cheesy tailgates and fake promises these matrimonial websites make, Tinder seems to be more reliable. Where these matrimonial apps claim to “truly and madly make you fall in love”, I would say that only if they could bring me a piece of chocolate truffle with glazed strawberries, I would truly, madly fall in love.

Don’t let choose your soul mate, get your sexy self out there and show them what you’ve got.

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