Your Age is more than just a number !!

Your Age is more than just a number !!

You don’t stop laughing when you grow up. You grow old when you stop laughing.

Life is a simple flowchart.

At 25,  priority is marriage; 

At 29, the priority is a baby; 

and 35 onwards…  life goes on

Kids, work and husband should not make your life monochromatic because starting a family is just one phase of life. Your role does not end with a number. Your growth as an individual and your desires should not ever die.

Indian society has an ever-stagnant mind frame of getting old from the very age of 35. We hear from women all the time that their times are “a story of the past”. But little do they realize that their age doesn’t bound them to strive for more. This mindset is something we find in the majority of the Indian women population.

A number does not guard our youth, rather it is bound by our urge to live life to fullest as much as your body allows.

On the other hand, in the west, we would see a 50 year old woman going to Hawaii to celebrate her milestone birthday. Celebration of life should never stop at a number. Why is this difference not worth ignoring?

Why is it only in India, that we take age as a burden?

As we grow, we get experienced and wiser. That experience should not dampen our spirits; instead, it should make us realize the value of life. Life is too short to let go of dreams. There are roles to play in every part of life, but let that not define one. We are more than what we think we are. Not just a mother, not just a wife, we have an identity.

Think of what you haven’t done and want to do.

Maybe Start a small venture, or write a book.

There are no boundaries to what you can do.

It is a daunting task to keep oneself self physically and mentally fit. With age, we forget that till the time we are active and willing, life is good. According to a research study titled, “ Older women, power and the Body”, “The negative stereotypes of aging are often related to changes in the body that render it unattractive (e.g., wrinkled, grey-haired, ugly).

Hence, the negative stereotypical image already has resulted in majorly disempowering the older generation. Specially, women in our society, who are deeply affected by their appearances, feel less motivated in life. It is important that women go beyond their stereotypes and break this monochromatic portrayal of self. Women who regularly take care of themselves, in terms of their physical appearance, appear to be more willing and positive in life.

Positivity plays a major role in breaking the shackles of predesigned stereotypes of our society.

Dove initiated a worldwide campaign called the “ Real Beauty Campaign” in 2004, to help women all over the world understand and redefine the real meaning of beauty. According to their studies, only 4% women find themselves beautiful. Hence, the campaign was launched to help women become confident and comfortable with their bodies and also with the concept of aging. Taglines like” Grey or Gorgeous” and “Withered or Wonderful” were used to spread the message that aging doesn’t mean ugly or bad. This campaign is another example of helping women break the stereotype of looking unattractive with age.Its important to reinforce now and then, that age is no barrier to grow or to live your life. Only if you are physically unfit to commit to your daily chores, the barrier is relevant, otherwise not.

In India, the whole perceived image of aging, is that it starts too early than it actually should. We are the society and unfortunately, we think we have to follow the rules even if we don’t agree with them. This makes it hard for people who are young at heart to do certain things because of the preconceived notions related to the “do’s and don’ts” of the society.  Growth should be a dynamic factor in our life. The stereotype of the so-called “old and ugly” should not deter us from doing anything we are willing and able to do.

Travel and explore till the time your body allows !!!

Follow your passion because there is no age to stop dreaming  !!!

You are not any other prototype of the stereotype, make sure you don’t regret when one day your life flashes before your eyes !!!


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