Aditi Goel

A proud owner of the culinary studio ‘Food-E: Culinary Studio’ in Mumbai,  Aditi Goel is a gracious host to home bakers and chefs and even conducts workshops, customized food trials and demonstrations.

Food- E means food emotions and everyone has their own type of food emotions so thats what it really means, says the founder

Aditi  has her roots strongly embedded in health, nutrition and restaurant consultation in the 2 continents. She has consulted for various brands like Lavassa Darling Harbour Café and Zaffran in Australia and has been engaged in product development, Menu consultation, recipe designing and menu standardizing with standard operating procedures and monthly follow ups in the restaurant- world.

Aditi always had a desire to create a strong database in the field of health and nutrition and be instrumental in making people believe in eating healthy food by having a ‘body-mind-soul’ balance.

This Feministaa proudly Owns India’s first luxury brand of chocolates, in conjunction with Chef VarunInamdar and The Government of Ecuador. The brand- The Chocolate Factory Ecuador’ was officially launched by RashmiUday Singh and CG Ecuador Hector CeuvaJacome in Mumbai.

The Chocolate Factory

This company uses cocoa beans from Ecuador; The Chocolate Factory Ecuador has a very wide range of products, each more luxurious than the next, to please its unique costumers. ‘Ecuadorian cocoa’ is the perfect introduction to any chocolate, worldwide. Their smooth cocoa mass is highly refined and delicately fragrant with a smooth mouth feel. The pieces of this delectable art are a product of love and passion. It is clearly distinguished by uniquely balanced recipes with nuanced flavours combining subtle fruit and floral and spicy undertones with showers of natural essences. Full-bodied chocolates are skilfully balanced with bittersweet undertones and indigenous flavour notes. It is the perfect balance of intensity and sweetness.

It’s also interesting to know that both the Founders, Chocolatier Chef Varun Inamdar and Food Consultant, Aditi Goel have worked with international brands and they both look forward to travelling around the globe and collecting more cocoa and create a demand for a Luxury Indian Chocolate Brand across Globally.

The Feministaa Team wishes all the best to Aditi Goel for her future endeavours. Way to go Feministaa !!


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