The 21st Century Indian Woman!

Being a modern woman in the Indian society has never been easy. You have to face criticisms your entire life. Her survival is guarded by the judgements of the society and her struggles are often ignored.

No matter what you do, your only fault is that you are modern, you have a broad thinking, you work and the most important thing is that you take your own decisions and enjoy life.

Why do you need to work, when your husband is working?

That’s the most common question, a working Indian woman faces. When you want an educated woman as your wife or daughter-in-law, then what is your problem if she goes to work? She can answer the same questions for you. There is no problem in being independent and the society needs to accept this.

Why are you wearing this short dress? Don’t you any have shame?

Well ladies, simply answer, what? I think even this is long. As long as a woman is comfortable in what she is wearing, no one else should have problem with it. A woman can wear sari, suit, skirts, dresses, jeans basically, whatever she wants.

How will you balance work and family?

Let’s not underestimate the multitasking ability of a woman. She can efficiently work in the office and maintain the same level of efficacy at home. They can maintain a perfect balance and many women out there are fulfilling their roles at both places. No offence to men, but I think it is to them who are unable to maintain a balance between work and family.

If she gets a promotion at work, she didn’t have sex with her boss. If she wears short dress that doesn’t mean she is slut. If she stays out, that late at night, doesn’t mean she is characterless.

If she gives her opinion that doesn’t mean she is arguing. These are some of the problems that I have mentioned, but the list is very long but as long as we are fighting for our rights and will continue to and a little support from your side will do no harm, both to and to us.


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