The dilemma of the 20’s

The dilemma of the 20’s

The ending of the teenage life comes at your 20’s, which is a new beginning all together. It is a roller coaster ride, but an exciting one, if you are smart enough to put the seat belt on. Your college ends, and a million questions pop up regarding your career, your relationship, your social life and the list is never ending. Its different for different people and you need to prioritize your loyalties. For some, they end up marrying their college sweetheart, and some just are not able to balance things and end up getting stuck between love life and career choice. You need to be an astute juggler to make sure your trick is comprehended well.


No matter how much you underestimate college education, 20’s the time to learn, to evolve and to grow. You are a different person if you learn from experience, so take risks, start a venture, use your experiences to create and you will reap the benefits later. One of the biggest dilemmas in your 20’s is “the fear factor”. It’s the fear of growing up, because every year your age takes a jump, your fear meter shows a jump too. Growing up means more responsibilities, more work and more pressure. This can be hard at times, and you can break down because sometimes it’s just too much to handle.

But it’s just the beginning; so rule#1 is not to be a coward.


Love might just look like a game to you right now, but this game will put you in trouble. You might just date your best friend and end up messing things up or get cheated on by your so called loyal boyfriend. Love, trust and compassion are the three things you need to imbibe in yourself, so that no matter what your love life takes you through, you still are a humble soul wanting to move forward by learning from the past. There will be relationships, either one or many and each will teach you something but try not to let it leave a permanent scar. This scar will take a long time to wear off, so try to get into relationships which help you evolve and make you happy rather than those which make you vulnerable. The beauty of an innocent relationship lies within the love between the two people. So, love in the purest form so that when you recall this relationship, you have nothing but a smile on your face with no regrets.


Your family will have a thousand questions about your career choices and you will be like, “I am just 22 and still figuring out things”. But, get used to these questions. You will find a descent job and you will think that now you are settled in your career. But, wait till monotony rings a bell, and you will be all ready for a big change. The 8 hours job routine will take a toll on your life with no time left for leisure or to plan a vacation. You will feel the urge of having something of your own, maybe you can take your passion forward and make it a career. Who knows you will be minting money with it or it could just be a good learning experience for you. Be ready for drastic career change options, you are in for some surprises on the career front.


You might not realize, but you look the best in your 20’s. When you start with your 30’s, its more of a family time period, where you will be handling your kids and multitasking between household chores and your kids. So, take care of your self by actively adding a fitness regime in your daily routine. Pick up a sport or a dance form and keep your body in shape. Gone are days of the junk, increase intake of healthy foods along with the junk you still can give up. Also, alcohol will be your biggest enemy or your best friend. It will be a solution in form of either a stress buster after a long day of work, or a crying partner after a fight with your partner or even a party starter. It will be a part and parcel of your daily life. But, be careful, as it’s more of an enemy than a friend. You don’t want to start looking old in your late twenties, so balance out the drinking and don’t let it affect your stamina.


You will change friends, change groups, but do make solid efforts to keep the gems in your treasure box. Your school friends and college buddies are irreplaceable. Always take out time for them, if not anyone else. Your social life could be either really happening or not at all happening depending upon your social skills. But, you need support at all phases especially when you are growing up. Friends might not be permanent but make the best of friends at this age. Also, if you are not a social person in general, work on your social skills. You should talk and discuss the latest in the market, discuss strategies, know about future prospects of subsidiary businesses. You need to brush up your social skills and form useful contacts to survive in the business.

The 20’s a beautiful time period when you need to make the most of your time. This is the time when your youth is at its peak.

Turn your passion into a career

Marry the girl you always had a crush on

Learn from the successful ones and don’t fear failures.

There will be lessons learnt and you should not regret any experience, which taught you something.

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