The Draupadi And Sita That RSS Is Afraid To See

Mythology has always been an essential part of shaping any country’s culture. India is a land of varied culture and diversities. There are innumerable Gods and Goddesses, hence, the opinions and views on each differs. But it is essential to value and respect each and every culture and religion.

The Rashtriya Seva Samiti (RSS) has apparently taken up the responsibility of keeping Hindu culture alive in India. It often aims to motivate and encourage the feeling of “patriotism” through the “Hindutva” propaganda.

Recently, RSS celebrated 80 years of its completion, and the women’s wing organised self-defence training and nationalism sessions for women. The general secretary of RSS, Annadanam Seetha said on the occasion, “Self Defence has been the biggest strength of an Indian woman.”

When Devi Sita was kidnapped by Ravana there was no man to protect her; a clear example of self-reliance even in those times.

This was indeed a powerful comment made by her. She did mention how powerful and Inspiring Indian women have always been; Sadly, today’s women are lacking the vigour and strength as they are busy fighting for their “rights.”

She stated that “Women, instead of fighting for rights, should focus on their duties, on how they can hold the society together, impart patriotism to their children and family members. There is no need to fight for rights.”

It is because of fulfilling their duties towards the Indian Society, that they have received the importance and the rights they have today.

In other words, women, should not be fighting for what they want instead be thankful for what they have been granted by the society and be loyal towards their duties, which are matrutva, kartrutva, netrutva (universal motherhood, efficiency and social activism, leadership)

The question is, Why does RSS want the women to possess the qualities of these two goddesses?

Chanakya once said, “A good wife is the one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night.”

As we live in a patriarchal society, a woman should be as loyal as Goddess Sita yet remain vigorous and powerful like Draupadi. She should listen to her husband and family and do as they say. She should accept whatever is being given to her (even polygamy). In this case, she will be able to do her duties and earn the so-called “honour” from the male dominant society.

But there are  attributes of these mythological figures that the RSS is either afraid to see or is still unaware of.

Why should these goddesses actually be an idol for modern women?

Sita and Draupadi both were women of respect and status. When called upon their respect, both the women cared for nothing else but winning their honour back.

Sita abandoned everything and everyone in order to prove her purity. And her revenge was abandoning Ram to make him feel guilty of questioning and blaming her. 

Draupadi, on the other hand, calls for war and chooses violence instead of silence. She pledged to wash her hair with the blood of those who insulted her.

Both of them also challenged the male authority structures, but in different ways.

Draupadi questioned why was she treated like a property that could be bartered? 

The notion of womanhood is not something to be seen as an object.  On the other hand, Sita’s devotion to Lord Ram is the standard for all loyalty, yet she refuses to stand by him when she cannot be welcomed back to Ayodhya with open and authentic reception, the respect she truly deserved.

Draupadi devotes herself to Lord Krishna and as a result of her devotion, she forced men around her to acknowledge the fact that she is beyond them. She stood tall, did nothing; yet her enemies could sense her power. Since Sita was born out of mother earth’s womb, asked for her help when needed and had the courage to leave Ram because of the lack of respect given to her.

This is not the first time that such regressive statements have been made by RSS officials. But it is extremely disheartening to see that even a woman herself is against women fighting for their own rights.

In the present scenario, where women are not just fighting for their own rights, but actively participating in fighting for others rights as well, they are asked to control their anger and silently focus on their duties.

It is a fact that more Goddesses are prayed to, in Hindu culture than in any other. A woman should ideally be considered a ‘devi’ in India, but we all know what the reality is.

It is high time that people understand that a woman is beyond just taking care of the household or being a mother.

Historic revolutions for women’s right and freedom have been the cause of so many success stories of women entrepreneurs that we hear today. It is righteous to ask a woman to have qualities like Sita and Draupadi, but history is proof that when insulted and victimised these women were the reasons why two of the greatest battles of all time began, The “Ramayana” and The “Mahabharata.”

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