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These Indian Commercials are all for Women power !!

These Indian Commercials are all for Women power

Commercials today are launching ads that have women empowerment written all over them. The role of women in society’s advancement cannot be ignored. And marketer’s have taken to it.

Amul Raises a Glass to India’s woman power!

It’s no more the age of subtlety. Bold and Powerful define women today. As we move towards a generation of fitness conscious people, women are taking the lead.

Today, 7 out of 10 women in metropolitan cities (Stats: Women’s Health Mag)  work out every single day!

Amazon finds out Do Women Really Shop That Much?

Busting the myth: The world thinks women shop to indulge. Amazon India, created an ad that clearly says that women shop for their loved ones before themselves. Touching millions of hearts!

Kangana Ranaut Says Be More Human

Reebok’s campaign #BeMoreHuman celebrates stories of people who push their own personal limits, expand their own mental and social strength, not just their physical strength.

Titan Celebrates Women who make their own choices! 

Women today, might choose work and themselves over anything (as cliche as marriage). This lovely ad, gives a shout out that it is the men of today that need to change their outlook towards women.

Biba fights the Conventional Arrange Marriage Scene In India 

The Ad campaign, #changeisbeautiful creatively puts across the fact that men and women both should manage household chores. Concepts such as equal parenting, equal opportunity to the woman of the house to work and give time to herself, are a need of the hour.

Ariel says that Dad’s should #sharetheload

Ariel says that men should also share the load along with women in household chores. But this culture comes from parents, and the environment in the house. The father resolves to help his wife to do housework, seeing his daughter do double work!


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