Things you should do before saying that “Yes”

When in love, some people underestimate how life changes once you have just agreed or said, “yes” to being committed to that one special person. But, soon you will realize that life takes a 360-degree turn, which could sometimes be hard to digest and accept. Then, there are some do’s and don’t and some ifs and buts.

Make sure these are on the Check List:

A decently upward going career

It gets a little tough to completely start off with your career after you are married, so take some time off before being committed to establish your career goals and make sure you have a planner to help you achieve them.

A vacation to remember with your college gang

It’s a bit hard after marriage to get hold of your friends, considering everyone has their own life to take care of. So plan ahead and choose a destination you had always imagined to go with your close group of friends. These shenanigans will make beautiful memories.

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Although it’s a gradual process and one cannot just explore himself/herself in a matter of a few months, but start with taking a vacation alone or finding new interests which you always wanted to pursue. This makes you think in a positive direction and even helps you become more open to new avenues and adventures.

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Go to a strip club with your girls

This is something every girl fancies. Get a lap dance or just explore. Doing different things and being adventurous is a beautiful way of exploring yourself as an individual. Get done with this one before your commitment gets in the way of your shenanigans.

Keep a no regrets list

There are things, which cannot be justified but if they are in the “no regrets” list then they are all legal and acceptable. Don’t think about the judgments if this is what makes you happy.

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Before you become an integral part of another family and eventually start one of your own, make sure you have some beautiful memories with your parents, which they would cherish. Plan anniversary or birthday getaways with them. They need and deserve your time more than ever.

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It’s never too early or late to start working on your body. These are the prime years of life. It’s time to look pretty and healthy. Start with building a health regime and give that body a break from junk.

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Don’t let the institution of marriage be a bottleneck to your dreams and wants. Make this bucket list going by adding your own personal favorites.

But, make sure you get a tick on the mandates at least. In the end, be with someone who can either complete this list or support you in your endeavors and make this journey worthwhile.

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