Encounter with your Ex- Boyfriend

Encounter with your Ex- Boyfriend

Like some wines, our love could neither mature nor travel.
Graham Greene

Once you get hold of this thought, you will realize that you complicate your life more than anyone else does. Maybe he cheated on you, or lied to you or even treated you like shit, but there was a time when you were in love. That beautiful phase of your life, you should never die out because one should never regret anything, that brought about a smile.

Its very hard to even see his face after the breakup, his mushy talks look like a bundle of lies and his bold promises seem to be a scam.

What you need to know is that it’s normal. Everyone who goes through a breakup will surround himself or herself with negativity at least for a while. Gradually, all the reasons or alibis that he made up, for meeting you late or cancelling those movie shows, start creating a lethal bubble of negativity in your mind.

But, time is the best healer and no matter what he made you go through or how bad the break up was, there comes a time when you are over it and ready to move on.

Being friends with him, is hard and for some, it’s not even possible. But, one of the best ways to spread some positive aura around is to make peace within and with the bad incidents. That will lead you to become not only a positive person in life but also a much happier version of yourself will begin to reflect. You will realize and curse yourself that why didn’t you do this before. You will feel lighter and powerful at the same time.

#First encounter
If you bump into him anywhere, don’t ignore. Be cordial but not over joyous. That shows that you are over him and not still sulking over him. This makes you look stronger and forgiving (even if in your deepest heart you believe that it was his fault)

#Second encounter
If he initiates a conversation, don’t hesitate or show attitude. If you are with someone else, tell him about your new boyfriend. If you feel he is making an effort to break the ice, don’t be a spoilsport, rather take part and be cool about it. If you are awkward or ignorant, it will just boost his the ego, as he will be under the impression that you are still grieving and sulking for him and you still miss him.

#Third encounter
Now since, the ice has broken, the third encounter should be little less formal and chilled out. If he is trying to make plans with you alone, then maybe he is trying to revive something but if you have a common group and he is trying to involve more people, it’s a good sign and you should go ahead with it. You should be sure of what you want.

Break ups teach you a lot, not only about yourself, but also about men in general. Take it with a pinch of salt, as a learning and move on smoothly!

I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep my respect.

Amit Kalantri

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