Twitterati Spares No one, Not Even Mrs Funny Bones !!

Twitterati Spares No one, Not Even Mrs Funny Bones

The Indian Twitterati is sensitive and delusional.

They don’ t leave any opportunity and no is to be spared. From celebrities to Politicians to Renowned Social Icons, everyone has been criticised for their statements once in while. In a recent Twitterati fight, Twinkle Khanna became the victim, when she commented on Sri Sri, A noble Prize winner and the founder of Art Of living.

Here is the tweet 

“Sri Sri got his nobel foot and half beard stuck in his mouth in a yogic pose that Baba Ramdev perfected a while ago #HolyMenAndHairyTales”

This tweet was followed by various responses including one from the International Director of the Art of Living Foundation who openly asked for an Apology from Twinkle Khanna for defaming a Godly Soul like Sri Sri.

A war started to stir between Khanna and the AOL Followers. After the trail of tweets followed by Khanna’s tweet, a hashtag #boycottHouseful3 was put in place which was later deleted. This is a perfect example of cyber bullying and Twinkle Khanna was a Clear Victim.

Be careful Mrs FunnyBones, what you think is funny could result in something a little too serious.


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