A Wedding Planner For Your Dream Destination Wedding- Kamakshi Kothiwal

“The best thing about being a wedding planner is that you get to travel, meet new people, are always attending weddings and sampling the best cuisines (Wedding Planner Perks)” – Kamakshi Kothiwal

Kamakshi Kothiwal, an alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, graduated in Math’s and Philosophy. Later, she went on to do a MBA. Like most of us, she was confused as to what she wanted to do in life, though she always felt a streak of entrepreneurial spirit in herself.

At the tender age of 15, Kamakshi started a chocolate making business because she wanted to buy a new dress!

While in college, she started a handmade paper venture of bags and envelopes and even thought of taking that forward, but decided to complete her masters first.

And then the million-dollar question. What next? Kamakshi came across an advertisement from one of the premier wedding planning establishments’ in Delhi, looking for wedding planners. It was then, when something struck and she said, “why not”? This was back in 2009, when the concept of wedding planners was an alien phenomenon in India.

She was frequently questioned about her choice of career because Indian women are solely held responsible for the entire household. Defying all societal notions, Kamakshi says, “I take pride in saying that we also make the best homemakers; it is us who juggle between being the Devil who wears Prada and Biwi No. 1 and play both roles with great élan”.

And the journey Began…

Her journey as a wedding planner began in 2009. After having worked under some of the finest in the industry, she ventured out on her own. The Wedding Planning Company was founded in 2014.

“It has been a long and bumpy ride, but it’s been worth it! Born out of passion, TWPC is your answer to Stress Free, Memorable, Fun & Fabulous Weddings” says the Kamakshi.

Planning a wedding for an Indian family is as chaotic as it can get. With the couple, comes the entire lot of family members with their inputs. Kamakshi feels, the biggest challenge is to tell people, what a wedding planner can do for you. According to her, the favourite uncles’ and family members have all along been doing what the planners do professionally and with all the experience and expertise. To explain that we can make a difference and build that trust takes a while.

Kamakshi believes that to be a wedding planner is a challenge in itself. You have to be a bundle of knowledge and experience in order to foresee any problems and should have excellent crisis management skills. You need to be updated with the latest, come up with fresh concepts and ideas and most importantly, your client should feel at ease after having you onboard.

It’s true that to set up a venture, it doesn’t require much, except for good vendors who are dependable and resourceful. It is easy to set up a Wedding Planning Company as it is not a big investment. But one can only survive in the long run, if one can push the limits and think out of the box.

The Wedding Planning Company is based out of New Delhi, with offices in Moradabad (UP) and Jim Corbett Park(UK). They specialize in planning Offbeat Budget Destination Weddings.

Today, the wedding industry is one of the most money-making industry in India, with the increasing budget for marriages. Also, too many planners in the market have made this industry crowded and difficult to cut through.

As an experienced Wedding Planner, Kamakshi believes that all weddings deserve to be stress free, fun and memorable. Moreover, it is not always about the money that you spend but also how you spend it. TWPC provides end-to-end wedding solutions. With their specialized services, topped with fun, new and offbeat ideas, they make a wedding memorable and enjoyable not only for the guests but also for the family members.

“The Wedding Planning Company believes in Fun Weddings and promotes Budget Destination Weddings. This is something not many planners are doing. So, we believe we have an edge” says Kamakshi

Selecting your Wedding planner is a task. The most important thing while selecting your Wedding Planner is to see if you can connect with the planner’s ideology and if the ideas appeal to you. He/She should have the experience of having planned weddings before. Also, you should talk to a few old clients of the planner for first hand reviews.

The Three Important Tips for Destination Weddings

  • Keeping the Guest List below 300 pax is always a good idea. An intimate wedding with close family and friends is more enjoyable.
  • Make a budget for your Destination Wedding. Being open ended with your financial decisions is confusing as it might cause discrepancies between the planner and the family later.
  • Destination weddings don’t necessarily require huge decoration. Keeping it DIY makes it fun and keeps the beauty of the destination intact…after all that’s what you are there for!

Feministaa is proud to have featured Kamakshi, who believes, the modern Indian woman wants to do something meaningful with her life. With opportunities, avenues and freedom, there is nothing she can’t achieve.

“Someone once told me, when you don’t know where you are heading, don’t worry because the universe takes care of you…whatever is in front of you, just give it your 100%”, says Kamakshi


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