Vishala Katta’s Story – A Window Seat

When I see people go about their struggles with absolute no encouragement and acknowledgement I feel inspired by their actions. Everyone has a story to tell and everybody’s life can be a movie…

Vishala Katta loves observing people and believes that she can read body languages and expressions very well. Reading between the lines got her to write “A Window Seat”, a contemporary fiction novel about three runaways who meet each other in a train journey.

“A runaway wife, a dying corporate professional and a little boy looking for his parents begin to feel connected to each other for the few moments they spend together. A Window Seat is all about conversations with strangers that seem to change you unknowingly,” says Vishala.

“Come to think of it I can easily see this book made into a movie with Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan!” she adds.

What makes them hold on to each other for longer? Do they find what they were looking for? What happens when they bump into each other few years later? But do all of them make it alive?

You will have to read the book for all the answers!

Every day I would play “Langdi” with a set of friends, toppling and moving a stone with one of those days, I walked into a community library that opened up..and I guess never walked out!

A marketing and communications specialist from MICA, she is currently working in the financial services sector. “Not as boring as it sounds, but life gets better after work hours!” says the author. In her free time, Vishala is reading, writing or backpacking with her husband and gang. She is inspired by nature, flowing water, and travel besides being strongly opinionated on feminism! The author says that she did not research for ‘A Window Seat’. It just flowed from the people she knew and met. Vishala also writes about these ‘(Un) common man stories’ on her blog.

They say behind every successful man is a woman. But behind that successful woman is also a man who believed in her!

Vishala believes that her family has been extremely important in motivating her to write the book. And the men in her family have pushed her to do better. “My Father made me independent, from the start, which has shaped me into the woman that I am now. My brother taught me how to do things slowly and perfectly and my husband inspired me to leave everything aside and write the book,” says the author.

The Hardest part of writing the book was to decide the ending.

Vishala took the longest time to decide how the book should end. “I enjoyed fighting and brainstorming with my husband on how it should turn up!” she says. With an amazing ending, ‘A Window Seat’ is a very relatable book. “It will make you will feel like somebody you know from ages is sitting with you in a relaxed room and telling you a story he went through,” she adds.

If I wasn’t working, I would have been extremely lazy and wouldn’t have bothered to write!

The author balances her work and personal life well and believes that it keeps her busy and productive. She recommends aspiring authors to start writing now. “Life is short. Pick that dem pen & paper begin immediately! It’s never about the grammar, language or even the sentences. It’s about what you want to convey from those words. And believe me it’s easy,” she ends by saying.

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