How to Manage The Work-Life Balance ?

How to Manage The Work-Life Balance ?

If you happen to be a women that too born in a country like India, where the patriarchal system still prevails, you might have a tough time battling through your personal and professional life. This is because of the narrow mindedness and the orthodox thinking that women are still expected to have command over the house chores and the men are expected to be the breadwinners.

It’s absurd that a man wouldn’t worry about not being able to participate equally in the household chores and would even be exempted if he is not able to spend time with his family . In case, the woman is ambitious and wants to work, she will have a tough time balancing both home and work specially when the society around her is not supportive .

Here are some necessary tips that every working wife should follow in order to strike the right chord between her house and workplace.

Be organised 

Be it your own home or your office, you should always have it written either in a small diary or make notes as to clearly jot down your work schedule. Often, one tends to get so busy at work, that the important things might slip their minds. It is always wiser to set reminders so as to avoid any unwanted situation.

Quality over Quantity

What you tell your father or husband, applies to you here. We hate it when we see our fathers or husbands get their work on the dinner table or on the bed. There is time for everything and proper allocation of time is very important . When at home, spend your time with your family and not with your office files.  Sometimes your work might just pile up which in turn would restrict you from being able to talk and spend time with your children and husband. This should be avoided as the last thing you would want is a communication gap between you and your family members.

Remember you are not a superwoman 

People will expect you to be one but it is not easy to be a superwoman. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, rather take help because you can’t do everything under the sun. If you start doing everything, things might take a toll on you and you might consider dropping your work. Its important to believe in your strength but it’s as important to understand that taking help will just make things convenient.

Holidays should not turn into homework days 

You wouldn’t want your holidays turn into nightmares where you will spend less time planning your vacation but more time trying to meet your work deadlines. Holidays are meant to help you rejuvenate and come out afresh, so if you end up working on holidays then its better to save your holidays for a better purpose.

Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo shared her experiences as to how despite her work achievements and commitments, what mattered more to her mother was if she was playing her roles of a loving wife, a good daughter-in-law and a caring mother appropriately or not. Don’t get into the race to be the perfect woman and don’t let that pressure suck the life out of you. Small wise choices can really help you achieve the right balance.

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