What Do All Women Achievers Have In Common ?

What Do All Women Achievers Have In Common ?

While achievers across all spectrums cannot and should not be distinguished based on some particular attribute, it is but necessary to look at what sets apart women achievers from their male counterparts. For it is a harsh truth that the struggles they face are much more intense than those faced by men. The society is not as supportive of women when it comes to helping them with their career choices.

Paradoxically, it is a fact that all achievers share certain common traits which make them achievers in the true sense.

Women at the workplace, face certain challenges which sometimes go unheeded by the naked eye. Challenging the norms of patriarchy since childhood, something as basic as choosing a career path or even deciding where to study is not a smooth road for all women.

Thus begins the real journey.

Determination and zeroing down on a goal are the initial steps to achieving success which is to be found among both men and women. The notions of leadership and expertise are considered synonymous with the qualities of objectivity, lack of emotions, strict personality and so on. Someone who does not possess these traits is deemed incompetent to become a leader. These qualities differentiate these women achievers from other women.

Not only does the ability to multi-task come naturally to them, but they show resilience and highlights the immense strength of character. If a woman is instinctive about something, she has to be firm in her belief for there will be many instances when she would be questioned by the society to justify her actions.

Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices make women more open-minded to ideas and advice than men usually are. Stress and frustration have become the usual order of the day. Not being able to channel one’s pent-up emotions makes a person feel increasingly stressful.

Marriage is perceived as the biggest impediment to the work life of any woman. It is seen as the end-all of their career. On the contrary, there are many faces today that prove otherwise. Most powerful women in the corporate world are married and mothers as well. They have been able to sustain their stature because of their own abilities combined with the grateful support of their families and friends.

Exemplary icons like  Indra Nooyi and Arundhati Bhattacharya attribute their success to the values which have imbibed during their initial years of struggle including bonding with their fellow employees. It’s a fact that happy workers contribute more to the success of an organization. These women have proven wrong the various myths related the Indian working women. They have created a position for themselves which even men cannot replicate. Power does not come with time, it comes with experience and the willingness to take risks while making the company’s goals to be your own personal goals.

Achievers have a trait of defying all odds and accomplishing what is often termed as ‘out of the league’ . It is more surprising to the society when the achiever is a woman by gender. These women show exemplary courage, positive attitude and immense perseverance. Their ability to overcome all odds since the beginning of their professional lives have made them what they are. They have been successful in breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ to reach the current stature with their undeterred will. It is crucial that the expedition of these achievers becomes known to the masses to inspire them to follow their glorious path to success.

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