What is Charcoal?

What is Charcoal?

First of all, what is activated charcoal and what does activated mean?

Well, activated charcoal is just that has been heated in a way that develops pores in it that trap chemical.

It is produced by small particles of carbonaceous substances such as sawdust and coconut shells heated to very high temperatures, which form charcoal. To ‘activate’ the charcoal, steam or very hot air is used to erode the internal surfaces thereby increasing its absorptive surface area. This absorptive surface area is the one which draws out harmful substances, toxins and impurities from deep within the skin.

Caution: When using activated charcoal, remember a little goes a long way since it is proven to adsorb (yeah adsorb. Meaning: Hold molecules of a gas or liquid or solute as a thin film on the outside surface or on internal surfaces within the material) 1000 times its own mass in harmful substances and impurities and using it in high amounts may irritate skin and cause redness.

Here, are some benefits of activated charcoal in this article.

1. Treats Acne

If you have acne, you should definitely try using this as it will decrease you acne problem. It works wonders in fighting off the acne-causing germs, sucking out impurities, reducing inflammation and cleaning your pores. Apply this activated charcoal mask on your face.

Empty half of an activated charcoal capsule in a small bowl or dish. Now add 1 tsp of aloe vera gel and 1 drop of tea tree essential oil and mix everything well with your clean fingers. Apply the mixture gently on your face, avoiding the area around your eyes and mouth. Let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse off well with warm water first, then cold water. Do this mask twice a week to get your acne under control.

2.  Sucks out Impurities from the Skin

Activated charcoal is believed to be absorbent. It is so powerful that it sucks the poison also, which is why it’s given to the people who have swallowed poisonous substances. It works out the same way in pulling out the impurities and heavy materials from the skin. Make a simple face mask by mixing it with water or organic rose water (for astringent effects)

3. Whitens Teeth

Yes, activated charcoal really whitens teeth! It works by bonding to many of the organic substances (food) that stain the teeth like coffee, red wine, nicotine. It also scrubs off plaque and tartar from teeth. Activated charcoal is also slightly abrasive which helps it scrounge off stains and plaque stuck on teeth.

To whiten your teeth, open and empty half of one activated charcoal capsule into a small dish or onto your clean sink (at the side of the tap). Now dip your toothbrush (with toothpaste on it) into the activated charcoal then brush your teeth, as usual, concentrating on the front teeth. The charcoal won’t spoil the taste of your toothpaste at all. Now rinse your mouth and say hola to gleaming white teeth! Try this just once a week.

4. Make your Own Eyeliner & Mascara

Make your own non-toxic eye makeup with activated charcoal! You can also make a very simple eyeliner using activated charcoal!

Simply get a small dish and empty 2 pinches from an activated charcoal capsule into it. Now get an angular eyeliner brush and wet with water. Now mix the brush into the activated charcoal to create a paste. Line your upper eyelids. Go ahead and wing ‘em too! Ta-da! Winged eye-liner on fleek, baby! You might want to apply a makeup setting spray after applying the eyeliner in case you’re gonna have a sweaty day. But I usually survive just fine without any setting products!

This DIY eyeliner comes off easily with water. Just shut your eyes tight and wash your face as usual. It always comes off smooth.

5. Whitens Dark Underarms

Activated charcoal is a popular remedy for whitening dark underarms. It exfoliates the area, sucks out impurities, lifts the dark dead skin cells and even neutralizes underarm odor! To use it, make this underarm whitening mask.

Empty 1-2 activated charcoal capsules in a bowl. Now add 2 tsp of raw honey and 1 tsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Rub onto one clean underarm, let it sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse off and repeat on the other underarm. Do this weekly.

6. Balances Oily Skin

Activated charcoal sucks out excess oils and stale sebum stuck within the pores. Mix the contents of one activated charcoal capsule with 2 tsp of organic rose water and apply it on your skin to manage an overly oily face.


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