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When You Become An “Outstation Student”

When You Become An “Outstation Student”

College can change your world around in no time. If you take admission in a college outside of your home town, among the most significant changes would be leaving behind the comfort of your cushy bed, your childhood friends, the home cooked chicken and especially your loving parents. In no time, you will realise that you have become an ‘outstation student’.

Getting familiar with the new city, the new people and the culture is a challenging task. You start with finding a place to live. Where you live is a big factor in determining your social circle and your commuting preferences. Never underestimate how taxing it can be to choose a PG or an apartment from the plethora of options which are available to you.

On a totally different tangent, one might face a crisis of identity as well. If someone from a small town comes to Delhi for the first time as a student, she find it difficult to adjust to the lifestyle and common culture which exists there. This is a very common thing that most outstation students especially girls, face from time to time. Some might even get a cultural shock! Getting acquainted with social engagements like smoking, drugs and drinking might come as a shocker to many but slowly under peer pressure, they get used to the idea in order to be socially acceptable.

And there are others who struggle till the very last years of their college lives. One must be accepting, adaptable and receptive to different cultures. At the same time, you must not subject yourself entirely to peer pressure. You are old enough to make a distinction between the right and wrong.

Language barrier is a major problem you might face. Needless to say, one cannot imagine surviving even for a day, when there is a communication gap. Brush up yourself with the local language to an extent to avoid the hassle.  People from east India and Mumbai locals face problems while talking in Hindi. This is always a matter of concern as they might be attacked with bullying and being made fun of. Bullying can really take a toll on some and there are times, when one cannot handle it, resulting in changing cities or colleges.

While trying to explore the city, buying a city guide and map can come in very handy for you. You must get acquainted with the nearby routes and learn how do the public transports comply.  The metro routes, the daily Rickshaw rates and downloading apps of Cab agencies is a must do. Uber and Ola are the leaders in providing best services.

Get in contact with your seniors for any assistance. They might act snooty but sometimes, you just have to come across as likeable to get things done. Don’t suck up to them but do maintain cordial relations so that they help you when time comes. They can help you to a great extent not just in terms of getting to know the place but also academically.

Your bond with your roommate goes a long way in the years you spend when in college. Most of you will end up becoming really close friends. From helping you with your assignments to helping you sneak out of the hostel,  she will be your companion and partner in crime as well. Introduce her to your parents and even to your college friends. It always helps to have a roommate who is your good friend. This relationship can go a long way so make sure you do your best in creating a bond which lasts long.

Being an outstation student brings to you ample freedom, although not entirely!

After all there are timing restrictions of your hostel or PG, the warden’s warnings or dreaded threats of calling your parents. We get used to that. Nonetheless if you are an outgoing person, visiting new places and hanging out with friends will become common.

There aren’t just perks of living in a different city or town. There’s a different and opposite side to it as well. Several drawbacks exist too.

Living away from your parents and particularly mothers, you are bound to miss the mouth-watering delicacies cooked by your mother. Trust me, you’ll crave for those ghee wale paranthas and the homemade chicken.

On a lighter note, you get to learn who your real friends are when you find yet another moment when you are financially broke.  ATMs installed in colleges don’t always come to your rescue but your friends might. So yes, spend money judiciously. Always keep a tap of your savings to avoid the embarrassing situation.

Nonetheless, you learn a lot when live outside your comfort zone. Staying away from your parents, you tend to become more independent and responsible. You learn how to make wise choices in difficult circumstances. You become aware of the importance of money. Almost no student ever regrets this decision of choosing a college outside their home city. After all, you get an abundance of beautiful memories, life long friends and valuable experiences.

 It’ll all be worth it and yes make the most of it .

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