Correcting The Myths Surrounding “Feminism”

Correcting The Myths Surrounding “Feminism”

All of us have certain preconceived notions surrounding the term, “Feminism.” But have you ever bothered to simply look up for the meaning of such an important term in the dictionary ? Well, most of you would not have. You have either come across the term through your ‘Feminist’ friends or via people in the society who actually do not support the idea of “Feminism”.

Its funny that people who consider themselves true Feminists might not even know the correct meaning and those who claim to be anti-feminist in their views, might be as unaware as others of its true definition. Here are some myths related to Feminism which need some correction.

Its not about the special status, it is instead about equal rights

“Men are from earth.
Women are from earth.
Deal with it.”- George Carlin

When someone talks about feminism or being a feminist, he does not always mean to achieve or acquire something out of the ordinary exclusively for women.  For instance, a different coach for women in metro trains, or exemptions from certain schemes or reservations in educational institutions is not what Feminism preaches.

This is NOT feminism.

Infact, such traditions go against the true definition of feminism. Feminism demands equal rights for women in all spheres be it economical equality, educational equality or political equality. So next time some “feminist” claims that she deserves a special status because she is a woman,  you can go ahead and correct her.

Feminists hate men

Of all the myths about feminism, this is the most untrue. Again, the die hard non supporters of this movement are wrong with their assumptions that feminists hate men. Mind you, all the haters of feminism, just because we crave for equality, does not mean that we are against the opposite sex. Our belief that equality should prevail does not indicate that we hate men. We just demand the same privileges and stature which men receive without even asking.

Feminists are not “Feminine”

Just because you are a feminist by nature, does not mean that you cannot be feminine at the same time. Being a ‘feminist’ or acting ‘feminine’ are two terms which have completely different stands. What one must know is that, a woman can be a ‘feminist’ as well as feminine at the same time.

A woman has this inbuilt desire to look attractive. It doesn’t need to be in sync with her ideology and her thoughts about various societal norms and conventions. Also, just because a girl likes to dress up or is sensitive by nature, does not mean that she ceases to be a feminist.

Some exemplary women icons such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Claire Danes have used the power of fashion to spread the wings of feminism and are proud be called as feminists.

Feminism does not help men in any way

We agree that feminism aims at achieving equality between the two genders of the society, specifically by empowering women. This does not mean its not benefitting to the men in the society. Hollywood actress Emma Watson, said in a speech at the United Nations, “Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum, instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”

Men will also enjoy this balance in a fruitful way. If women display characteristics of being dominant, powerful and equal, there will be a time and situation where both the genders co-exist peacefully in a growth oriented environment.  Feminism is not just a driving force in empowering women but will also help in breaking down the stereotypical definition of who a man who dominant, insensitive and authoritative.

We do not need feminism anymore

Agreed that we are living in the 21st century and this is the century for women empowerment, there are still societal issues like women trafficking,  patriarchal set ups which force women to abandon their education and child marriages which still prevail in the rural areas which need immediate attention.

In order to bridge this gap, a powerful force like Feminism will always play an important role in encouraging both men and women to stand up for the cause of equality. 


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