Why Indian Women Lack Ambition ?

Why Indian Women Lack Ambition ?

One quick question –
Why is that we see so few women at the top rungs of any organisation?

As I Google this topic, big fat phrases come rolling. Discriminatory recruitment, unfair selection and promotion procedures, exclusionary networks and the biggest of them all, lack of ambition. As I move to stats, for women all over the world, the graph remains an annoying horizontal line creeping along the x –axis, almost parallel to it, signifying the modest progress made by women when it came to winning the ‘game of thrones’ in organisations. So why is it so?

We explore!

Women are not known for cut throat competition, or riding roughshod over their counterparts. Women prefer to be easy going and adjusting in the corporate environment. Many a times, just because they don’t don the garb associated with the alpha male is reason enough why women are relegated to the back when it comes to corporate responsibilities.

There are a number of antigens at the work place as well, which prevent woman from performing to their fullest capabilities. Inhospitable corporate culture, long hours at work makes it difficult for even the most talented of women to reach the top. Male co-workers who aren’t necessarily team players, but have the resources to fly off to different places are greatly looked upto, and received with much fanfare, a corporate culture comprising condescending attitudes, colleagues who think women don’t have what it takes to succeed, are also some of the major antigens woman face.

Women, more often than not, also tend to get entangled in their household duties. Thus, they prefer a flexible job, which allows them to balance the both. If they are high up in the corporate world, they’ve to pay the price in other things. So they prefer to be in the corporate environment in the guise of an employee whereas administrative responsibilities are viewed more as burden.

Deeply rooted misogynistic mindsets do not help the matter by making it difficult for even capable women to get the deserving positions that are dominated by men.

Its now, that times are changing and women have started to step out from the shade of the patriarchal notions. Its upto each one of us, to change mindsets like these, to be unequivocal in our quest for success, and to ensure that capable young woman not only don the garb of CEO but surpass expectations as well, at all fronts.

As Whitney Houston said, “I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.”


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